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Artnet-DMX converter Artnet-DMX-8S

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Performance Features
  • ● Ethernet Control System based on the Artnet protocol.
  • ● Convert the Artnet network data package into DMX512 data.
  • ● Adopting high-speed ARM processor, stable and reliable.
  • ● Supports RJ45 network interface and DMX512 with RJ45 output interface.
  • ● With TFT 2.4" LCD screen and 4 touch keys, very easy for setting operation.
  • ● Update firmware via SD card or network.
  • ● Support program record.
  • ● Support offline playback.
  • ● Compatible with the light software based on Artnet Protocol.
  • ● Widely used in the LED dot matrix and the stage lighting control network in needing lots of DMX512 data.
  • ● Suitable for TV station recorded scene, stage performances, entertainment and so on.


Product parameter


Power input 5Vdc, 1A (with a power adaptor)
Input signal Ethernet
Output signal 8 universe
Network protocol Artnet input/DMX output
SD card capability 8G(support Max.16G)
DMX output connection RJ45
Network connection RJ45
Screen size 2.4", TFT230+240
Isolation ethernet port Total isolation
Isolation power input Total isolation
working temperature -30℃~55℃
Dimension L185×W115×H29mm
Package Size L192×W164×H36mm
Weight (G.W) 400g
Conjunction diagram
Conjunction diagram






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