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Official notice about fake products

Mar 15, 2014
Dear customers,

LTECH is China's first LED lighting controller manufacturer, which has been committed to producing the high quality LED controller for 13 years, LTECH Uphold the integrity of management, through years of effort, "LTECH" products have gained a much higher level of recognition at home and abroad with global sales far ahead.

Recently we found that some venal manufacturers out there take advantage of unfair competition to copycat LTECH items. lie to customers by using LTECH’s reputation, Belittle LTECH or stirring up trouble for LTECH customers, Based on customers’ feedback, the top three lies are as follows: 1. Claimed they develop and manufacture LTECH items; 2. Sharing a special relationship with LTECH; 3. LTECH cheats customers by giving unreasonable price etc.


Each product get into market from LTECH, which all has applied in SIPO and get 1 or multi appearance and technical patent certificate.

Counterfeiting behavior infringe«Law of the People's Republic of China on Anti-Unfair Competition» and perturb the order of society and market. Infringing others patent is illegal act. It can be in high fines or affixed criminal responsibilities in severe cases. We will in accordance with the law way to speed up the evidence collection.

According to the relevant provisions of «The patent law of the People's Republic of China», two situations in infringing the others' patent right,

1. Without the permission of the patentee, using someone else's patents for the purpose of commercial profit. 

2. The offender is forged the patents. Means without the permission of the patentee, the behavior of for-profit, making, using, and selling patent products, stealing patent method, pretend to others' patent products..

Distinguishing the features between LTECH's products and counterfeit products:

Fake items share similar appearance as LTECH’s, but the detials is bat out.There is a great distinction in function, quality and stability performance in our products. The control technique is backward. It is not only in poor quality but also effect the LED's working life and project's reliability, which is caused the inevitable losses of economic and reputation to related customers.

LTECH adopt ERP administrative system and traceability administration according to ISO9001 quality system strictly. PCB and product's housing have the sole barcode. Which record the production, sales and after service for each product. Customers can identify the fake or genuine products via the barcode, one item one bar code.


Checking the authenticity of your purchased products in the following contacts:


Zhuhai Ltech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Mar. 15th, 2014