Lighting for Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay in China


Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay, a coastal hotel, is designed with Lingnan style and touches of artistic elements. So what specific kinds of lighting it needs to highlight its beauty but also satisfy the needs of guests.

LTECH intelligent lighting

Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay has high demands for the decoration, total style and lighting design. As an alternative to many projects of landmark buildings, scenic spots and hotels around the world, LTECH offers excellent technologies and high-quality products, and serves a various range of applications, which has earned a great reputation among global lighting engineering companies.

LTECH has developed a number of innovative technologies for dimmable LED drivers used in every lighting control protocol. We overcome the weakness of traditional LED drivers and improve the performance of our drivers, empowering every lighting control protocol in application generating the greatest effect. With the features of low power consumption, strong load capacity and automatic signal identification, LTECH intelligent 0-10V LED drivers were applied in the lighting project of Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay to realize the perfect lighting effects.

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At the early stage of this project, LTECH has identified the requirements for lighting and made a lighting solution. During the project implementation, we offer quality products and comprehensive services to help complete this project.

The aesthetics of lighting

Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay is brilliantly designed with Lingnan-style architecture,in which Balinese style elements were infused. Lighting plays a crucial role in the perception of a space. LTECH offers different types of intelligent 0-10V LED drivers that can ideally work with different light fixtures to create layers in space and make it enriched.

Professional dimming technology

Here lights are dimmed to provide a unique lighting environment, letting you enjoy the beautiful sea view. LTECH T-PWM™ super depth dimming technology can dim lights down to 0.01% and produce fine and smooth dimming, which satisfies the lighting demands in different scenarios and helps create appropriate atmospheres.

The benefits of products

Different areas of the restaurant were designed with different decorating styles. Several areas were divided through lighting adjustment that makes a more layered space.

Most people take photos or film under such beautiful scenery and delicious foods. By working with LTECH intelligent LED drivers, dimming can be created to automatically adapt to different frame rates, apertures and focal length of phones, cameras or other devices. At the same time, the dimming is flicker-free at all levels that is kind to human eyes and meets the requirements of the stroboscope. It complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches the high frequency exemption level.

Customized lighting scenes

LTECH intelligent 0-10V LED drivers work with the lighting control system to create different atmospheres for Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay.

Scenes vary in the hotel lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, conference room and corridor. Based on the time periods of the clock , different scenes are set to make guests feel warm and comfortable whenever they step into the hotel.

By working with LTECH intelligent 0-10V drivers, smooth dimming curves and multiple dimming modes can be provided. Also, the drivers have stable performance and work nicely with dimming systems from different brands. Uses can preset and execute different lighting scenes that run in the dimming system.

Since the establishment in 2003, LTECH has been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China over nearly 20 years. We have provided a large number of competitive, safe and reliable products and solutions for thousands of landmark buildings, theme parks, hotels, office buildings, high-end shopping malls, smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels all over the world.