IES Illumination Awards winner SMARTASS Sports Club


The IES Illumination Award is awarded by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America with more than 100 years history. It is one of the three most authoritative lighting design awards in the world, which representing the highest design level in the world. The IES Illumination Awards is held once a year. So far it has been held 46 sessions successfully.

There are three levels in Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design in this year ,Award of Distinction, Award of Excellence ,Special Citation, now we will you show you the winner of Award of Excellence- SMARTASS Sports Club, As a product supplier for this project, LTECH is very pleased and proud. Let us travel to Ukraine and have a look.


There are five halls in SMARTASS sports club- boxing, rock climbing, cycling, yoga, ballet and strength. In order to better stimulate the sports passion atmosphere, the SMARTASS sports club matches the scene lighting and music through DMX control, and is automatically changed the intensity and color of the lights according to the training phase-warm-up, start, activity peak and finish.

The sports areas that mainly exercise the human body's explosive power, such as cycling and boxing, which are higher exercise intensity, faster rhythm speed, and more training way. By using LTECH products, the spaces are set up with smooth and colorful lively lighting. It is particularly worth mentioning that the static wheels on the wall of the bicycle hall are illuminated by the moving light, creating 20 different rotating effects, which help to affect people's emotions through colors and awaken the vitality of the human body.

Cycling Hall

Boxing Hall

As for sports areas such as strength training hall , ballet hall and yoga hall in consideration of safety, the lights should be bright and less shadowy, changing more gently and calmly, and the spaces should be filled with a layered sense of depth through accent lighting, so that the lights can change without being felt that, so bodybuilders can devote themselves to fitness.

Strength Hall、Ballet Hall、Yoga Hall

In addition, there are many other spaces in SMARTASS Sports Club, such as shower rooms and storage rooms. In such large and even areas, lightings used are very varied, so it has high requirements for stable, durable, and convenient installation for lights.

Storage Room

Shower Room

LTECH DMX series products support a variety of dimming curve selection, with protection against short circuit, over current, over temperature, static electricity, etc., and also support RDM remote device management protocol to achieve remote read / write DMX address and other functions, can easily meet Environmental requirements for healthily using lights in large area.

Proper lighting promotes exercise. Lighting effects such as Brightness and well-being changing, combined with different exercise methods, can make human body and the environment into a harmonious whole. LTECH has always been committed to making lights with soul, using LTECH products is a wise choice for every sports club. LTECH hopes to achieve spiritual communication with the athletes through the lights and become the most comfortable invisible companion when they exercise. We also hope to accompany you to win the next international award through our original technology and excellent products!

Appreciate the dear customer Expolight for providing us project case materials.