Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater



LTECH supports the lighting upgrade

For the upgrading and reconstruction project of the Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater, LTECH offered an intelligent lighting solution. By applying the intelligent Phase cut LED drivers from LTECH, the theater can realize the lighting upgrade of centralized management, intelligent control and easy dimming, bringing a healthier and more intelligent theater environment for the audience who come to watch the shows.

LTECH intelligent Phase cut LED drivers has received the Alighting Award-Top 10 Technology Awards, which earn unanimous recognition and approval from industry experts and customers. The Phase cut LED drivers use T-PWM™ digital dimming technology that enables more accurate dimming and realize 0-100% dimming range. The drivers have been equipped with the "Artificial Intelligence" algorithm, which has complete self-analysis and learning capacity to automatically adjust threshold parameters in hardware. What’s more, it can generate an appropriate dimming program for each Phase cut LED dimmer accordingly. So the Phase cut LED drivers feature great compatibility and the dimming results are extremely accurate with high efficiency, realizing the real intelligent lighting.


LTECH intelligent lighting solution

Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater covers a total construction area of 23,000 square meters, with one floor underground and four floors above ground, which can offer seating for 1,565 audiences.

Large-scale LED downlights were installed in the theater to provide bright and even illumination, making the whole theater look spacious and solemn. The lighting illuminating on the second and third levels of the theater was supplemented with spotlights, which also serve a decorative purpose.

Based on the characteristics of the high floor theater and large quantity of light fixtures used, the application of LTECH intelligent LED drivers have met the requirements of stable and reliable performance, great durability and energy saving for the daily operation in the theater, turning all lighting devices into smart ones.


Light gradually brightens and fades

Through intelligent control over dimming, light can gradually brighten or fade when lights are switched on or off , or lighting scenes are adjusted. So a sudden change in light intensity can be effectively avoided that may stimulate human eyes. This soft and smooth transition gives the audience a comfortable and natural lighting experience.


Precisely control scene lighting with T-PWM™ super depth dimming

LTECH developed the T-PWM™ super depth dimming technology that can dim lights down to 0.01% and precisely adjust light intensity based on different scenes. When different moments come, the corresponding scene mode can be quickly changed, for example, the moment when audience enters the auditorium, shows officially start, the half time interval comes or the cast makes its curtain calls. Let the lighting atmosphere engage the audience and bring an immersive watching experience for the audience, who can truly enjoy every wonderful performance.


Flicker-free lighting brings a good viewing experience

LTECH intelligent LED drivers deliver smooth and soft lighting without flicker across the whole dimming range, which complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches the high frequency exemption level. No matter taking photos with audience’s mobile phones or professionally shooting a video by TV programs, no image flicker or wave occurs. Each shot delivers a natural HD photo.

With the leading intelligent lighting technology, LTECH helped create a smart and energy-efficient multi-functional modern theater. Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater has completed the upgrade and now has been officially put into operation. It has become the first choice for many excellent dramas both at home and abroad.

LTECH has been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China. It is one of China top 10 intelligent lighting brands. With 20 years of technology accumulation and experience in solution implementation, we have carried out more than 20,000 medium and large size projects. And LTECH will continue to bring more interpretations of intelligent project cases!