LTECH Products Were Applied to Support Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games


The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games officially kicked off with a stunning opening ceremony on On February 4, 2022, which captured the world’s attention.

LTECH feels pretty honored that our products were applied in The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, showing Chinese advanced technologies to the world.

At the opening ceremony, the Chinese national flag was passed hand to hand by representatives of all 56 ethnic groups in China, then the national flag was raised and everyone sang the national anthem of the People's Republic of China. In this session, Director Zhang Yimou put forward the specific requirements for lighting that emits at the flag-raising platform. Lighting should deliver flicker-free light with white and blue as the primary colors of light.

The lighting illuminating the flag-raising platform was controlled by LTECH DMX512 decoders. After several months of adjustment, the ideal intensity and hue of light finally produced at the opening ceremony that suited the moment. The flag-raising ceremony platform with blue and white floor light is crystal clear. It is eye-catching at the whole ceremony venue with low intensity, enabling the audience to keep focus on the performance at the flag-raising platform. In addition, the flicker-free light reached the high frequency exemption level and met the requirements of lighting for HD live streaming and photo shooting and video recording.

Moreover, LTECH DMX512 decoders were also applied in the Winter Olympics Studio.

China Central TV and Radio Station and new media platforms can conduct their virtual visual productions, studio interviews, and multi-party live streaming and recording at the Winter Olympics Studio. Hosts and commentator have to work at the studio for a long time under high-definition cameras, so high quality and smooth light is required which must reach the high frequency exemption level. By applying LTECH DMX512 decoders, the problems of flickering and glaring light can be easily solved to create a more comfortable lighting environment for the media teams, and give the audience a more wonderful live presentations.

LTECH DMX512 decoders adopt advanced decoding technology to convert the DMX512 digital control signal into the constant current/constant voltage PWM signal and SPI (TTL) digital signal. Controlled by the DMX512 digital console, DMX decoders can be used to dim the lights from 0 to 100% and control DIM, CT, RGB, RGBW lights and achieve various lighting effects.

In the early stage of LED development, LTECH introduced DMX technology to Chinese LED industry and took the lead in developing DMX512 decoders, which works with the DMX protocol for controlling the stage lighting. It has promoted DMX technology development and growth in China.

LTECH has always kept innovation and making reforms in the field of DMX technology over the past 20 years. We have possessed a complete range of high-quality DMX products and the stable and high-efficiency performance enables the DMX products to sell all over the world.