Smart Lighting for Residential Buildings in Zhuhai,China


Light is the important factor affecting our daily activities. In today’s rapid development in technology, what people need is more than illumination, but a healthy, comfortable and occupant-friendly lighting environment.

Today, let’s have a look at the residential project in Tangjia Town, Zhuhai, China to experience the comfort of smart life built by LTECH whole house intelligence.

The moment you come back home

After a busy day at work, we all wish to feel warm and comfortable in our home. When we arrive home and open the door, then we say “ Alexa, I’ m home”. The lights in the living room will gradually brighten, and warm light seems to relax you and you just want to lie down on the sofa.

Control the LTECH Super Panel with four ways- touchscreen, voice control, buttons or app, which let you take control of the panel anywhere, anytime. When you lie in your bed and don’t want to move at all, ask the voice assistant to turn off the main light; when you are away and leave the air conditioner on in your home, you can turn it off with the app.

Various scenes set for the living room

The living room is a multi-purpose room that can be used for a variety of activities. By adjusting intensity of lights and setting different scene modes,we’re able to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere that suit the moment. For instance, when guests visit your home, turn on the guest mode. Lights emit bright and warm light that is perfect for friend gatherings.

Thanks to LTECH’s pioneering T-PWM super depth dimming technology, LED drivers can dim lights down to 0.01% and deliver smooth and continuous lighting when brightness and color temperature are adjusted. What’s more, the lighting can imitate the natural light and restore its effect so as to create a comfortable and healthy artificial light environment.

Cooking time

The kitchen is used for cooking delicious and healthy meals for the whole family, where fine-tuning kitchen operations are involved. Different kitchen areas have different functions, so apart from the light intensity, we need to take the specific features of different areas into account. The main light provides overall illumination for the kitchen space, but light is easily blocked by people, making it difficult to cut vegetables and put the right amount of seasoning in the operation area. So installing spotlights or light strips is a good way to offer accent lighting.

Quality lighting makes people feel warm and comfortable! And lights gradually brightening and fading also bring us a great experience.LTECH intelligent LED drivers can be used to slowly brighten or dim your lights so as to avoid a sudden change in brightness that may stimulate the eyes. To achieve this, a great dimming technology is required.

First, a wide dimming range is needed. Most dimming products in the market support 1-100% dimming range only. When lower illumination is required, there is no way to meet this requirement. When lights are at high brightness and are turned off suddenly, people may feel uncomfortable and irritated. LTECH LED drivers with dimming down to 0.01% can solve this difficulty.

Second, the smoothness of lighting is needed. By working with LTECH LED drivers, even at the lowest brightness, lights do not produce flickers or strobes. The brightness and color temperature transition smoothly.

Children's room

Children's vision is at the critical stage of development, which will be easily damaged by external light. Due to the unstable light source, low intensity and flickers in children's rooms, children may easily suffer from eye strain, which will lead to myopia in children. Therefore, lighting settings in children's rooms are particularly important.

The children's room is equipped with LTECH intelligent LED drivers, in which flicker-free and soft lighting can be created. The lighting has reached the high-frequency exemption level. In addition, the color temperature can also be adjusted to the appropriate level according to the children’s need of light at different times of the day. When children are learning, adjust the light to cool white that will improve their concentration; when children are playing, change the light to warm white that will make them feel warm and comfortable.

Personal space

Do you want to read a book before bed? Turn on the reading mode. The bed lamp emits the soft lighting that helps create a relaxed reading atmosphere. Rejuvenate yourself in such an comfortable space.

Turn on the sleep mode when you are ready for sleep. Turn all lights off with just one button. Give yourself a cozy space so you can rest comfortably.

There are a variety of living scenes. Based on the age, personality, and preferences of the house owner, different lighting scenes can be created, in which small lighting details get involved. By applying the whole house intelligence series products from LTECH, a healthy and comfortable lighting environment in residential buildings in Zhuhai is created.

LTECH whole house smart system is aimed at creating appropriate and warm light, making our lives more comfortable and smarter.