Shangying International Cinema in Chonggu,Shanghai


Recently, Shangying International Cinema in Chonggu,Shanghai has opened to the public, which delivers new movie viewing experiences to guests with top equipment and the comfortable environment.

Shangying International Cinema in Chonggu,Shanghai

Shangying International Cinema in Chonggu,Shanghai is located at No. 2, Lianmao Road, Chonggu Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. The cinema uses the most advanced laser projectors and the international brand’s JBL audio equipment. It has 6 cinema halls with highly configured equipment, which can accommodate 480 people at one time.

Audience hall

For young people, cinemas nowadays have become a choice location for a date or entertainment. Lighting plays an important role in providing appropriate illuminance to create a ideal viewing atmosphere. With the combined use of main color Tiffany Blue and LTECH 0-10v intelligent dimmable LED driver, the visual effect of bright light and well-being is created. And a comfortable and elegant viewing space is also provided for audiences.

Cinema lobby

For the decoration of the cinema lobby, cumbersome-looking decorating objects were abandoned. The spotlights, downlights and strip lights are cleverly used to make the entire cinema lobby look more bright and elegant.

The lighting in the cinema has been carefully designed, which not only allows the audience to quickly find their destinations, but also helps lead the way.

The lights have a high Color Rendering Index that makes delicious popcorn appear in high definition and true color. The popcorn looks more appealing to customers. Soft lighting illuminate the rest area and customers feel it’s more considerate. Here in the rest area, customers cannot help taking a break and having a look at the wonderful movies that are available. They may be attracted by the sales area in the lobby and enjoy the snacks here to get relaxed.

The ceiling lighting is well illuminated in the corridor so that audiences can effortlessly arrive at their targeted areas.The lighting is supplemented by warm color lights at the edge of ceiling, making the entire corridor feel more cozy. With the strip lights providing bright light, audiences can clearly appreciate the movie posters and they will not feel bored on the way to the cinema hall.

Cinema corridor

When cinema choose lighting, they do not just simply consider the beauty. Other respects need to be took into account as well, such as the comfort of lighting whether meet audiences’ needs or not, and the decorating effects that will not affect viewing experiences. LTECH 0-10V intelligent dimmable LED drivers were applied which uses T-PWM super depth dimming technology we developed.The LED drivers deliver smooth and continuous dimming from 0-100% and the lighting does not generate any visual flicker, which has reached the high frequency exemption level. They can not only meet various dimming requirement in the cinema, but also has protection against over temperature, over voltage, overload and short circuit. With soft start and fade in function, the drivers enhance audiences’ visual comfort and easily meet the requirements of the environments in which mass health lighting is required.

LTECH has always focused on the improvements of the technical level and innovation abilities so as to promote the technological upgrading and transformation of the entire industry. By increasing investment in technology research and development and LTECH's independent innovation capabilities,LTECH guarantees product quality. This time, the unique charm of cinema lighting is displayed, delivering more comfortable visual experiences to audiences.