Smart life on Yacht


The Spring Festival just finished, have you returned to your work and adjust your work status?

Do you want to take a vacation from work again? If you really give you three days off, how do you want to spend it?

To a crowded scenic spot?

Or sleep at home for three days, three nights?

If it is me, I want a yacht, for a pleasant sea journey. You may encounter a situation where the network is unreasonable and this is absolutely unbearable in everyday social interaction. But during the holidays, no network, no information, no urging is definitely a perfect condition for a dream. (enm, I have to work hard to be able to afford a yacht~)

Finally came to the moment of the trip and met a sunny morning. You dressed in a bikini and covered with body oil, lying on the deck and planning to have a comfortable sunbathing. This time your bed boyfriend has let you help him in the past... open the curtains? TV? ? ?

That will inevitably lead to a war of words.

Then I will follow Dalian Jinlong Super Yacht today, just invest in a complete intelligent control system before the ship leaves the port, solve the above problems and enjoy the smart life at sea.

Dalian Jinlong Super Yacht

Want to watch TV? Just say "xiaolei", massive TV code library, on call

Just woke up, want to sunbathe but don't want to move? A "small mine", no need to get up, do the light controller

But there is a big difference between installing a smart connected system on a yacht and a residential on the ground. The walls and ceilings on the yacht are of a ply structure and cannot be dug. If you want to route inside the wall, you need to remove all the layers. That's probably to uninstall thousands of screws. Dalian Jinlong Smart Yacht has selected Xiaolei Whole House Lighting Intelligent Control System. It is an all-round office/home WIFI lighting control system. It supports local LAN and WiFi Internet connection modes, which can be automatically switched according to requirements. With global remote control, control is no longer troubled by distance; installation is simple, no wiring is required, and a call can make life on board smarter.

Xiaolei Whole House Lighting Intelligent Control System is a smart interconnection system with intelligent lighting as the mainstay and intelligent control as the supplement. Dalian Jinlong Yacht chose the constant pressure receiver to control the indoor light strip and the constant current receiver to control the indoor downlight, achieving a depth dimming range of 0.1-100%, meeting the diversity requirements of different intensity areas of the yacht. Among them, the T-PWM deep digital dimming technology, the dimming precision does not change the color rendering index, and the light changes are delicately changed, so that the brightness of the light is not adjusted and changed.

Dalian Jinlong Super Yacht Kitchen

Dalian Jinlong Super Yacht Bathroom

In addition, you will make photo on the yacht. This system also has no stroboscopic dimming technology, so that you can shoot all kinds of cute sexy photos and high-speed photography in slow motion under various LED lighting brightness. At the same time, no stroboscopic makes the eyes more comfortable and reduces the phenomenon of seasickness.