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Honor | LTECH Won Alighting Lamp Award Technicas Excellence Again

May 17, 2019

Alighting award ceremony-as a professional campaign on lighting industry, which was held in Hilton Guangzhou Science City in May 16th 2019. The LTECH project of ”Intelligent driver for T-PWM Super Depth Dimming technology” won Alighting Lamp award Technicas Excellence.

Alighting Lamp Award Site

Alighting Lamp Award is a public welfare activity which aims to set up good model of excellent engineering, quality products, innovative technology and excellent enterprises for the lighting industry. So as to encourage the industry to maintain the spirit of innovation and the atmosphere of benign competition. Besides, making important contributions for the development of China's lighting industry.

Representative of LTECH

”Intelligent driver for T-PWM Super Depth Dimming technology” on this evaluation stood out and won the award from 1238 application projects. It not only break the industry convention and traditional technology, but also is a product with the characteristics of "Super-depth dimming". They can achieve several breakthroughs in technical difficulties as below:

0-100% full-range dimming, LED dimming Depth <0.1%. (The minimum current value is too small to be measured)

Stroboscopic index reaches no flicker and high frequency exemption level (standard of IEEE-PAR 1789)

The unique program algorithm and hardware matching let our eyes feel more comfortable, and the low brightness dimming is extremely soft.(Go beyond traditional incandescent light’s dimming effect)

Compared with the normally used CCR, CCR+PWM and PWM dimming drive ways in the market, it solves all the weakness on above dimming ways and retains all advantages:

"Technology is developing and times are changing."In past 18 years, LTECH has been committed for innovation and development. It has been researched and developed on lighting control system, LED controller, LED dimming driver and smart home products, which were highly approved on the market. In the near future, LTECH will continue to make unremitting innovation in intelligent lighting technology, improve the additional value of lighting products, and actively promote the rapid development of intelligent lighting. to establish the trend of intelligent lighting with excellent technology and all partners in the lighting industry.