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NEWS | LTECH Attend DiiA China Summit 2019

Nov 06, 2019

DiiA China Summit 2019 was grandly opened at Shanghai Renaissance Putuo Hotel on Nov. 1st, 2019. As one of the members present, LTECH with 273 leading companies of lighting industrial carried on all-around analysis of the use trend of intelligent Lighting and new technology of DALI-2.

The discussion was on going among the industrial big guns. As the rapid development of technology and social progress, the demand of lighting was extended to use with variety, applicability, comfortability and energy conservation instead of basic lighting only. Catering for changing of Market demand, DiiA Alliance formally published upgraded DALI-2 agreement from original DALI basically.

Linping Dou Secretary general of China Lighting Society

Paul Drosihn DiiA General Manager

LTECH’s DALI dimming driver series was developed early, it’s mature technology, complete product range, comply with IEC62386/IEC60929 standard, and can be connected to a bus control with any DALI-compliant device.

LTECH showing DALI products

Discussion together with the representatives of other companies

LTECH DALI driver can be controlled stepless and smoothly with stable dimming effect. Its original T-PWM super depth dimming makes possible dimming depth at 0.01%. Moreover, no shake and flicker incur even at the minimum brightness. Besides, the drivers can be turn off with delay function and fully regain nature light, creating a comfortable & natural artificial light environment.

Comparison of drives among LTECH and other companies(LTECH driver on the rightmost)

LTECH, as one of the members in DiiA Alliance, its DALI drivers all passed DALI-1, DALI-2 stand test, which could be tracked at product database of DiiA Alliance website.

Group photo