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Preview of LTECH Booth at GILE | Intelligence Connects up the Home

Jul 25, 2022

The 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) will be grandly held on August 3-6, 2022 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, which will bring professionals and industry experts together. The exhibition will continue to provide a platform for showcasing the latest industrial technologies and a diverse range of products, creating a new development vane for the industry.

A review of LTECH booth at GILE in 2021

From a leading intelligent LED lighting company to now diving deep into whole house intelligence, LTECH always focuses on technological innovation and constantly brings new technologies into the field of intelligent lighting. As an exhibitor, LTECH this year will showcase the groundbreaking technologies and products - new products of whole house intelligence 2022 and three black technologies.

LTECH Intelligent Lighting
Give you an immersive experience

We sincerely welcome all LTECH fans to visit our exhibition booth Hall 9.2, B02, the same booth as last year. We will create a small garden at our booth and provide circadian lighting for this space. Circadian lighting is designed to simulate natural light during a day. It works in harmony with human circadian rhythm by providing a great combination of dim levels and color temperature so as to promote the human health. Besides, LTECH “Super Space" will provide visitors with an immersive experience for smart home, allowing them to get instant control over all smart connected devices. We will also create a dedicated space that would be devoted to showcasing the great lighting effects the magnetic track LED drivers produce.

LTECH’s New Products of Whole House Intelligence 2022
Unveil exciting new products

This year, LTECH launched new products of whole house intelligence globally, which has won three design awards in 2022, including IDPA Japan Design Award, iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. Since new products coming out on June 18, 2022, they have attracted the attention of the whole industry, and are well received by many customers and service providers.

What makes LTECH’s new products 2022 so great? Watch the video below to learn more about the newly launched products.

To meet the expectations of customers, we will unveil LTECH’s New Products of Whole House Intelligence at the exhibition. Come and visit our booth to see more new product details!

Upgrade of LTECH’s Three Black Technologies
Technologies showcased At GILE

T-PWM™ 0.0001% dimming technology:Made a big breakthrough in dimming depth and led the industry once again.

Technology for storing distributed local scenes:Solved the difficulty of local interconnection in smart home devices.

Adaptive Lighting:The intelligent lighting that imitates natural light and meets the demands in any occasion.

LTECH’s black technologies is fast developing. Visit our exhibition booth this year to experience LTECH’s three new technologies in person!

Global Distributors Wanted
Join us and become a distributor

LTECH has dived deep into the intelligent lighting industry for nearly 20 years. We have always been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China and have greatly promoted the development of the field of intelligent LED lighting control in China. With sophisticated experience in R&D and a elite technical team, we have developed a wide range of whole house smart devices to provide users with one-stop AIoT ecosystem solutions. We now have so many whole house intelligence distributors in China and around the globe. At the exhibition this year, LTECH will offer more services on how to become our distributors. Please seize the opportunity and join us!

LTECH (stock code: 832110) will meet you at the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and have an in-person experience of our new products of whole house intelligence 2022 and three leading black technologies. Looking forward to your attendance at Hall 9.2, B02 on August 3-6,2022.