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GILE 2023 Review丨LTECH Unleashed the Brand Energy and Gained Immense Popularity within the Exhibition

Jun 15, 2023

Taking place on 9-12 June, the 4-day GILE 2023 came to an end. Themed as "Go Above and Beyond to Define Your Future", LTECH booth at this year presented plenty of stunning products. Now, let’s look back on exhibition to feel the huge people flow at LTECH booth!

Popular and Powerful Brand Attracted Global Customers and Visitors

As the industry’s leading brand, LTECH captured wide attention within the exhibition and people crowded around our booth. The high-quality LTECH products that look so fabulous have attracted worldwide visitors to our booth who had a further consultation about products.

Industry Experts Gathered Together at Our Booth

LTECH whole house exceptional new smart products, plenty of new products and black technologies, which have grabbed the industry’s attention, were unveiled at the exhibition. Our booth was crowded with people for four consecutive days! A steady stream of industry experts, association leaders, current customers and new customers came to our booth to personally experience LTECH new products of 2023.

The Release of Exceptional New Products Got Wide Attention within the Exhibition

Ultra Smart Display Super Panel 12S

LTECH whole house exceptional new smart product of 2023, a ultra smart display Super Panel 12S, made its debut at the exhibition. It became headlines of many industry media news. The industry media was so eager to report and unveil LTECH ultra smart display Super Panel 12S for everyone, including Alighting.cn, Guzhen Lighting Media, Da Zhaoming, SILA of Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association, eLicht, Zhi Naer, CSHIA and Toutiao.

As a central place for controlling whole house smart scenes, smart central control panel plays a pivotal role in a smart home. LTECH Super Panel 12S integrates the functions and advantages of central smart control panels from various brands, and goes far beyond them.

LTECH’s exceptional new product gets whole house under control. It integrates Bluetooth 5.0SIG Mesh, WIFI6 (supporting 2.4G & 5GHz) and Ethernet protocol to create a stable, reliable and efficient network environment; Through LTECH's new distributed scene storage technology and OTA update, whole house conditions, user behavior and system devices are processed distributedly to bring users an immersive, personalized and better full-scenario smart experience.

Super Panel 12S’s compatible ecosystem devices are expanded again. Through Could Connection,it can work with Tmall Genie, Xiaomi speaker, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as most majority of smart devices like EZVIZ camera. It is also equipped with 485 interface and 8 channel dry contact interface and supports over 8000 IR device brands. We keep pushing the boundaries of device interconnectivity between brands, as well as the user experience and cooperative services to deliver more advanced scene-based experiences for users.

Super Panel 12S’s excellent configuration features a large amount of highlights, including large 12.3-inch screen viewing, independent NPU chip for super powerful AI calculation, 4G RAM +16G ROM, AAC’s acoustic solution and omnidirectional six mic array. The availability of Migu, iQIYI audio-visual platforms on Super Panel 12S also offer users extraordinary audio-visual experiences.

Going above and beyond, Super Panel 12S surely offers users more than that! Considerable thoughtful designs are included, such as One command AI voice interaction, looping family photos in album, posting festival wishes, video intercom, voice calls with family members, light level/human distance/temperature and humidity/smoke alarm detection. These all add more enjoyment to users’ life at anytime.


LTECH RGBCW LED driver is easily able to set the color temperature range of 1000K-10000K (even up to 100000K). It can also generate some rare colors like amber green and sky blue to create more possible atmosphere with indoor lighting.

Moreover, LTECH RGBCW LED driver features 5-channel independent output which at the same time allows users to adjust RGB or CW separately. In actual applications, users are able to adjust whatever light colors they like depending on their needs.

MINI Wireless Multi-Zone LED Controller Sets

New LTECH MINI 5-channel RGBCW touch remote controller is added. Multiple controllers can be simultaneously controlled with one remote controller to meet the diverse needs of customers. The products abandon the previously disadvantageous IR remote controllers and use cutting edge RF remote controllers that have strong wireless signal penetrating ability and allow emitting signal not to be restricted by any obstacles; They feature 16384 gray level ( most alternatives on the market feature 256 gray level) that offer more extraordinary performance, softer and more delicate dimming, as well as various colored dynamic changing patterns.

MINI series is super cost -effective. Its creative, user-friendly design concept is conveyed in selling process, installation and customer use.

Super LED Module 2.0 (DALI Master Controller)

It is a ultra small, ultra lightweight and cost-effective DALI master controller. As the 2.0 version of LED module, its functions can be summed up as "Controlling a large number of different lights individually." The DALI master controller is easy-to-use and supports batch modification of DALI driver parameters. It has super powerful control ability that enables users to program DALI groups and DALI scenes. Each module supports 64 addresses, as well as 19200 lights for individual control. It is fully compatible with DALI-2 DT6, DT8Tc, DT8 XY, RGBWAF and controls 1-5 channel DIM, CT, RGB,RGBW, RGBCW lights.

In actual applications, LTECH DALI master controller CG-D-PRO can combine with Bluetooth products to create local/automated scenes. Local scenes can run without the Internet or a gateway. It supports binding with smart switches. LTECH DALI master controller CG-D-PRO can work with our other smart products to create healthy and colorful whole-house-smart life.

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LTECH Super Space

LTECH booth this year still offered visitors quite useful products, information and was full of creativity! Super Space experience area brings guests immersive smart life experience. Here in the experience area, according to your needs, you can turn on different scene modes such as leisure mode, reading mode , and rest mode to experience super convenient smart home life.

Creative visiting area was installed with our multi-zone RGBCW LED drivers to perform excellent lighting effects under smart control. LTECH fans could interact with the cool colored lighting and take amazing light and shadow photos!

In the rest & negotiation area, people can also experience "natural light" created by LTECH adaptive lighting, which enabled people to experience the changes of sunlight in indoor spaces.Every detail of the LTECH booth could give you a surprise and we welcomed this big annual industry event with the best booth design.

Excellent Forum Speech

The exhibition this year brought together industry experts, authorities and well-known brands. LTECH was invited to give a on-site speech at the forum hosted by Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association. In front of many outstanding enterprise representatives, LTECH shared its healthy, natural lighting. The speech content was brilliant so the audience took pictures with their mobile phones.

Multiple Prestigious Awards

Relying on its R&D strengths and product superiority, LTECH has won the Best Technology Award of the Alighting Award and the Top 100 Intelligent Lighting Enterprises in 2022. This year LTECH received multiple awards again, including Alighting Award-Industry’s Top 10 Classic Selections in Technology Category from 2013 to 2022 and Whole House Digital Intelligent Product Innovation Award. So many awards fully reflect LTECH ‘s strengths in the field of whole house intelligence.

Mass Attention and Reports of the Media

As a benchmark enterprise in the industry, LTECH has always attracted much attention. At the exhibition this year, LTECH booth drew in well-known visitor groups, including the DALI Alliance, Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association and eLicht. LTECH also had on-site interviews with mainstream media in the industry including Alighting, Guzhen Lighting Media, eLicht, Qianjia Wang, Da Zhaoming and Zhi Naer.

Work Together to Welcome the Era of 100 Billion Market Size

At the exhibition this year, LTECH attracted countless visitors with its breakthrough technological strength and significant new smart products. LTECH booth was always surrounded by visitor enthusiasm at the exhibition and there is a steady flow of people around the booth consulting for joining as a distributor. So far, LTECH whole house intelligence distributors are there in so many cities around the world.The growing number of distributors is the recognition and trust to LTECH, as well as the driving force to motivate LTECH to keep innovating!

GILE 2023 came to a successful end, but we will continue to output more great products. LTECH will not never forget its commitment and will keep moving forward. See you next year!