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LTECH Gets Overwhelming Popularity on the Opening Day of Shanghai Smart Home Technology 2023

Aug 29, 2023

Shanghai Smart Home Technology 2023, an influential smart home 3-day event (held on 29-31 August) kicks off today at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. LTECH brought the new robust products and technologies to this exhibition!

Located at Hall W5, E12, LTECH booth gathers huge popularity and attracts renowned industry experts. Next, let’s unveil those wonderful moments of the exhibition on the first day!

Industry-recognized exquisite and versatile panel family

Winner of 9 international design awards + Gaining worldwide certification

LTECH’s whole series of stunning smart panels have won 9 international design awards, which all use the international standard Bluetooth SIG Mesh 5.0 networking technology and are compliant with the Bluetooth mesh networking specifications. The smart panels also obtained SRRC mandatory wireless certificate and CCC mandatory certificate in China. They are considered both as exquisite and versatile celebrity smart home products that once again draw the attention of industry professionals.

In 2023, LTECH launched the exceptional smart central control product, which is the smart display Super Panel 12S. It has won the Gold Award of IDPA award and the IDEA award for its robust performance and exquisite appearance.

LTECH Super Panel 12S allows Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh, Wi-Fi 6 (supporting 2.4 and 5G), and Ethernet protocol, as well as infrared remote control for IR devices.

Hardware: It features a large 12.3-inch screen, independent NPU chip, powerful AI calculation, 4G RAM +16G ROM, Bluetooth audio 5.1, AAC’s acoustic solution and omnidirectional six mic array to make exceptional hardware configuration.

Ecosystem brands: It can connect to various main brands of Bluetooth speakers and home appliances from more than 8000 brands. It can also work with Migu, iQiyi audio-visual platforms to create various entertainment functions.

Interaction methods: It allows One command AI-powered voice interaction and has a capacitive multi-touch screen for instant response. It includes multiple thoughtful designs such as family album loops, serving as a general smart remote, video intercom and light /human distance/temperature and humidity/smoke detection. These all bring users an extraordinary experience going beyond that of other products.

As a central place for controlling whole house smart scenes, smart central control panel plays a pivotal role in a smart home. LTECH Super Panel 12S integrates the functions and advantages of central smart control panels from various brands, and goes far beyond them.

As the celebrity series of LTECH whole house intelligence, SUPER+ Series is the winner of Taiwan's Golden Pin Concept Award, G-Mark Good Design Award, iF Design Award, CES Innovation Awards, Red Dot Design Award and IDPA Design Award. This year, we once again launched Creative Series smart knob switch and 6-gang smart switch that attract the attention of the whole exhibition.

The new generation of intelligent Bluetooth drivers

Change what you know about them in an all-round way

LTECH has developed the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 drivers that push the boundaries of the size. The newly developed drivers are much smaller and thinner, which have a 31.5% decrease in size on average compared to the last generation. They also use the international standard Bluetooth SIG Mesh 5.0 networking technology and are compliant with the Bluetooth mesh networking specifications.

Regarding their security, LTECH’s whole series of intelligent LED drivers obtained SRRC mandatory wireless certificate and CCC mandatory certificate in China, providing guaranteed quality for intelligent lighting projects.

New DALI master controller was launched

Merge wired and wireless protocol to eliminate all limitations for solutions

The DALI master controller, the new super module 2.0 series product, has got everyone's attention in the exhibition. It makes super LED module family get optimized and the wired and wireless hybrid solutions get flexible and powerful. We not only provide the updated UI interfaces for DALI applications, but also make the operations for Bluetooth lighting and DALI lighting the same and seamlessly combine them into scenes. It enables easy DALI control like never before and empowers users to experience the stable and elevated lighting.

LTECH’s super LED module 2.0 series help achieve wired and wireless hybrid solutions with its super compact size and a wide range of powerful functions.

Renowned industry experts gathered together

LTECH booth becomes a hot site for visiting

On the first day of the exhibition, a lot of industry media came and reported on the LTECH booth. There was also a stream of renowned industry experts come to visit.

Among displayed products, Super Panel 12S has attracted the attention of industry professionals and medias. If you want to know more information about Super Panel 12S and LTECH new whole house smart products, come visit LTECH booth at Hall W5, E12 to have an in-person experience.

Filled the booth with creativity

Colored lighting home application

At the exhibition this year, LTECH booth created an immersive experience area -Super Space, where RGBCW lighting effect was used in whole house smart scenes to create colorful smart life, as well as to show people the smart control result of LTECH intelligent LED controllers on the spot.

We are looking for global distributors for LTECH whole house intelligence

The competition for revenue of the smart home market has started. We provide multiple distribution policies to support distributors, who will get the brand empowerment from the A-share listed company, learn from our 20-year experience in the intelligent lighting industry and will enjoy comprehensive support welfare. We will promote the growth of distributors through wide-ranging ways, including offering distribution channel protection, product traffic support and professional training.

If you want to stand out from the smart home competition, finding the right entrance door is crucial. Relevant reports show that in 2022 the segment of LED lighting products in smart home products has raised to 84.3% at a fast pace. Many smart home brands have also added the business category of LED lighting products, which occupies a large portion of traditional lighting markets and makes traditional lighting distributors feel stressed. Meanwhile, intelligent transformation of traditional lighting dealers is not only the key to winning the competition, but also the opportunity to seize the smart home revenue. LTECH is one of rare manufacturers adhering to the role of enabler, who takes technological innovation as the engine and utilize the enabling mode of “Lighting+LTECH smart system = intelligent transformation” to continuously inject cardiotonic to the market and distributors.

As of now, LTECH whole house intelligence distributors are there in many cities around the world. LTECH now at the exhibition offers more services to join more distributors . We are looking forward to working with you to usher in the smart home era, in which the market size is projected to be valued at 100 billion.

The 3-day exhibition is still ongoing. LTECH is looking forward to your visit at booth Hall W5, E12.