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A Glimpse of GILE | LTECH’s New Panels and New Ecosystem Are Being Showcasing at Centrally Located Booth at Hall 9.2

Jun 09, 2024

On June 9, the annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) commenced at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. LTECH met familiar faces at the same booth at Hall 9.2, B02! The introduction of new panels and the expansion of our ecosystem drew huge attention from industry professionals.

Modena series super smart panels

Modena, the home of global supercars

LTECH booth is centrally located at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, with this year's standout being the "Wall mounted supercar-inspired panel". LTECH's newly launched blockbusting smart home products, the Modena series, encompass super smart panels with gateway function and with temperature control, USB five-hole socket, and SOS panel. We also introduced a special model supercar-inspired smart panel featuring a curved ripple design and a 2.2-inch high-definition screen. It offers 3 solutions, 4 buttons, and 12 scenes. It revolutionizes smart control power, where 1 inspired panel equals the functionality of 3 ordinary panels.

The Modena series took inspiration from the hometown of Italian supercars, offering 8 major colors for the supercar-inspired model: Lamborghini gold, Bugatti black, Ferrari red, Pagani white, Maserati grey, Alfa Romeo silver, showcasing the speed and passion of supercar aesthetics. This range caters to the high-end home aesthetics of the elite circle and adapts to the diverse design aesthetics of home designers.

Dubai series super smart knobs

Inspired by the central control knob of Bentley cars

The smart home "artworks" of another series are the Dubai super smart knobs, also released by LTECH this year. Featuring a 360-degree diamond-cut surface design, rotational damping sound effect and hand feeling, they are crafted as artworks among smart knobs. They’re the industry's first wireless smart knobs with a screen utilizing the Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh protocol, earning admiration from guests.

The Dubai series offers multiple interactive modes: touch screen, knob, and button, as well as diverse application methods, suitable for both wall and desktop use. It is ideal for various smart home scenarios in different occasions and showcases exceptional design aesthetics with materials such as 24K gold, K9 crystal, and noble silver.

Introducing the smart Apple gateway! LTECH smart home ecosystem is expanded once again

The LTECH smart home system has consistently focused on expanding and enhancing its integration with the global smart ecosystems, developing a robust ecosystem among various manufacturer brands. This year, LTECH released the smart Apple gateway, compatible with Apple's HomeKit platform. Through this gateway, LTECH smart devices can be controlled via HomeKit and work with a wide range of multi-brand HomeKit-compatible smart products.

New adjustable spectrum algorithm for RGBCW driver: Creating infinite possibilities for home lighting

Boasting the professional wide color gamut, wide color temperature and adjustable spectrum algorithm, LTECH’s NFC Bluetooth RGBCW driver is fully upgraded in 2024.Through the new algorithm of specialized software, we delve into hardware limits to unlock the full potential of LED light sources, providing homes with a more vibrant and colorful lighting environment.

LTECH booth features a dreamy, colorful light tunnel. We partnered with FOYAG to present dreamy, captivating lighting scenes. The intelligent control solution is realized through the new RGBCW driver with adjustable spectrum algorithm. Guests have enjoyed being creative and took stunning photos.

Without increasing application costs, this new technology achieves a single driver’s maximum compatibility with light source parameters of lamps and fixtures from various manufacturers, unlocking endless possibilities for lighting effects. Through precise adjustments in five aspects—general, grayscale, CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), and xyY—the spectrum is accurately calibrated. An optimal spectrum algorithm is automatically generated based on the spectrum, color shortcut, saturation, and Duv color value. This enables a driver to maximumly match the light source parameters of lamps from different manufacturers, making it ideal for creating vibrant and colorful home lighting.

LTECH invites you to savor a cup of coffee! Experience the enchanting rhythmic lighting at our creative hand-brewed coffee area

To ensure visitors stay refreshed and don't miss out on the valuable insights and information at this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LTECH left nearly 50 square meters of space at our booth for a relaxing rest area. Here, guests can savor hand-brewed coffee prepared by LTECH on-site.

In addition to the aromatic coffee, LTECH has also partnered with DUKIEE to create an expansive light film display, showcasing the allure of rhythmic lighting that imitates natural light. This allows guests to enjoy their coffee while engaging in industry discussions and experiencing the enchantment of intelligent lighting. Join us at LTECH booth Hall 9.2,B02 to savor a cup of coffee. Reach out to LTECH sales personnel on-site to enjoy the hand-brewed coffee prepared specially for you!

Industry "celebrities" gathered at the LTECH booth as new products captivate professional attention

The LTECH booth always stands out as the most popular exhibit at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. This year was no exception, drawing numerous renowned industry professionals for exchanges and idea sharing, including...

Thank you again for your attention and support. We look forward to your continued visits and guidance during the exhibition time!

Join engaging discussions about the future at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Discover highlights of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Opening Ceremony

Today is the first day of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, and a grand opening ceremony was held on site,which brought together representatives from outstanding brands and industry professionals.

Ms. Yang Xi, Marketing Director of LTECH , attended the event and delivered an wonderful speech to industry professionals entitled "Connecting to Diverse Ecosystems to Shape a Different Future." In her presentation, Ms. Yang Xi showcased the charm of LTECH's new products and technologies.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024 will continue its excitement and innovation. From June 9th to 12th, LTECH will be waiting for you at Hall 9.2, B02. See you there!