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Exhibition Preview | Date LTECH at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024

May 24, 2024

The annual Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) will take place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Visit LTECH at our regular, centrally located booth at Hall 9.2, B02, where we will showcase our latest products, ecosystem, and technologies!

The LTECH booth will offer a designated rest area for enjoying coffee. Feel free to scan the QR code to instantly obtain your ticket.

Contact the LTECH sales staff on site to enjoy a cup of hand-brewed coffee prepared especially for you!

New Panels, New Ecosystem:

LTECH Will Unveil Major Smart Home Innovations for 2024

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024 is about to begin, and LTECH Smart Home is set to exhibit this year's groundbreaking new products! LTECH pays homage to classic design elements and employs sophisticated techniques to craft visually appealing new smart home products for those who pursue extraordinary home aesthetics. We look forward to unveiling these new products at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition!

Futuristic, cool "Supercar-inspired Super Smart Panel," designed with elements from high-end supercars

"Collection-worthy, Artistically Elegant Super Smart Knob," inspired by the classic design elements of luxury cars

NFC RGBCW Driver with Adjustable Spectrum

In the category of intelligent lighting control, LTECH will release a new professional-grade NFC Bluetooth RGBCW driver, featuring a wide color gamut, wide color temperature range, and adjustable spectrum algorithm. This innovation enables the creation of an ultra-wide color temperature range from 1000K to 10000K, presenting diverse lighting with different color temperature. By adjusting the XY axis of the color temperature coordinate, the Duv value (color deviation) relative to the black body line (Planck curve) can be changed, realizing a wide color gamut spectrum algorithm. With its independent 5-channel output design, this driver allows for individual adjustment of the output current for each RGBCW channel, ensuring broad compatibility with various LED modules from different brands.

HomeKit gateway

This year, LTECH’s smart home system ecosystem is further expanded to integrate with Apple's HomeKit platform. Through the newly launched smart gateway, LTECH smart devices can now be controlled via HomeKit and seamlessly work with all other HomeKit-compatible multi-brand smart products. LTECH has already achieved cloud integration with IoT platforms such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Baidu, Amazon, and Google Home. Additionally, we will introduce a whole-new RS485 super smart module for great integration and mutual control with third-party wired systems worldwide. We will continuously update and enhance the connection with global intelligent ecosystems, fostering a robust ecosystem among various manufacturer brands. For more exciting updates, visit LTECH booth at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition!

Opening Dates:

9-12 June, 2024


China lmport and Export Fair Complex
No 980 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District,Guangzhou, China


Hall 9.2, B02