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Take Another Step Forward on Our New Journey | Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024 Concluded Successfully! See You Next Year

Jun 12, 2024

The four-day prestigious industry event, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), came to an end on June 12, 2024. Industry professionals gathered to showcase cutting-edge technologies and products!

This year, LTECH created a 50-square-meter "hand-brewed coffee tasting area"! We partnered with DUKIEE to create an expansive light film display, showcasing the allure of rhythmic lighting that imitates natural light. While enjoying coffee and exchanging industry information, everyone could experience the charm and creativity of smart lighting.

LTECH's high-end smart home products drew numerous attention at GILE

New LTECH smart home products 2024 made a stunning debut at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition! A series of collection-worthy, artistically elegant smart home products were on display: Dubai Series Super Smart Knobs inspired by the central control knob of Bentley cars. Modena Series Super Panels named after Modena, Italy, the home of global supercars.With their aesthetic appeal and powerful technology, these products once again refresh everyone's understanding of smart home products.

In addition to the eye-catching appearance, LTECH's Dubai series super smart knob is the industry's first wireless smart knob with a screen based on the Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh protocol. The Modena series super panel, with its super smart control power equivalent to three other smart panels, also captured the attention of industry professionals at the event.

The new RGBCW algorithm excels in utilizing lighting elements, giving home lighting more possibilities.

LTECH NFC Bluetooth RGBCW driver was fully upgraded in 2024, featuring a newly released professional-grade expansive color gamut, wide-ranging color temperature, and adjustable spectrum algorithm. This upgrade addresses issues such as DUV, color deviation, and color tolerance, allowing the light effects of lamps from different brands to be calibrated. It enables artificial lighting to closely mimic the spectrum of standard sunlight, meeting the specific spectrum requirements for medical health, elderly health, and educational lighting.At this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the creative LTECH RGBCW light and shadow corridor, a popular place for guests to take stunning photos, was powered by this advanced technology in combination with FOYAG lamps to achieve the lighting solution.

LTECH NFC Bluetooth RGBCW driver also features LTECH's intelligent adaptive lighting technology. This technology achieves full circadian lighting by automatically obtaining local weather curves according to longitude and latitude, synchronizing the brightness and color temperature changes of natural light from sunset to sunrise. Additionally, it supports customized circadian lighting, allowing users to define the brightness and color temperature for different time periods based on the needs of various scenes.

LTECH creates diverse healthy lighting solutions by utilizing the expansive color gamut and wide-ranging color temperature (1000K-20000K) of RGBCW to achieve an adjustable spectrum. In combination with customized circadian lighting, this allows for a variety of healthy lighting solutions. One of the most well-known benefits is improving sleep quality by adjusting the secretion of melatonin through circadian lighting. Additionally, these solutions can be widely applied in the prevention of postpartum depression, treatment of depression, treatment of Alzheimer's disease, protection of children's vision health (by adjusting the spectrum to eliminate blue light), and more applications related to emotion control and emotional well-being.

A strong ecosystem among manufacturer brands allows LTECH devices to achieve full integration into the Apple ecosystem

The LTECH smart home ecosystem is expanded again! With the newly released smart gateway, LTECH smart devices can now be controlled via the Apple HomeKit, working with a wide range of multi-brand HomeKit-compatible smart products. Guests can experience a lot of fun of smart connectivity on-site at the LTECH booth!

In addition, LTECH also launched a new 485 super smart module this year, enabling mutual control with both domestic and international third-party brand wired systems.

The LTECH smart home system has currently achieved cloud connection with major ecosystem platforms such as Tmall Genie, Xiao Ai, Xiaodu, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, and Ezviz. By connecting to the LTECH super dimming module, it can be compatible with the four major protocol interfaces for lighting control: DALI, DMX, 0-10V, and phase-cut dimming. This enables the integration with dimmable drivers from various manufacturers in the lighting industry. It allows the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh protocol to expand and work with wired intelligent drivers, truly breaking through the limitations between wired and wireless solutions and making it suitable for all commercial and home scenarios. We have consistently focused on expanding and enhancing its integration with the global smart ecosystems, developing a robust ecosystem among various manufacturer brands.

Industry experts gathered at the LTECH booth to explore the future of the industry alongside our long-time customers.

At this year's Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the LTECH booth welcomed many familiar faces, including industry professionals who arrived as promised to gather once again.

We extend our gratitude for the attention from industry professionals, and eagerly anticipate meeting you again at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition next year!

Discussing the future of the industry, lighting industry elites gathered in several professional forums

During the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LTECH and lighting industry elites gathered in several industry forums to jointly explore the future of the industry!

Ms. Li Fangfang, LTECH General Sales Manager in the China Region, discussed with industry professionals about the difficulties and solutions in the implementation of intelligent lighting projects, thereby empowering the industry;

Ms. Yang Xi, LTECH Marketing Director, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "Connecting to diverse ecosystems to shape a different future", showcasing everyone the charm of LTECH's new products and technologies!

LTECH smart home has been honored with two prestigious Alighting Awards

The 12th Alighting Award Ceremony in 2024 were also held as scheduled during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition! As a "regular guest" of Alighting Award, LTECH won both the Digital Intelligence Product Award and Digital Intelligence Brand Award this year!

LTECH Super Smart Display-Super Panel 12S won the Digital Intelligence Product Award! LTECH Marketing Director, Ms. Yang Xi, attended the award ceremony. This honor serves as a driving force that motivates us to move forward. In the future, LTECH will continue to bring you more exquisite and powerful products!

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024 has come to a perfect end. Thank you for your enthusiasm and attention! LTECH will not forget its original intention and will continue to forge ahead. See you at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition next year!