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LED controllers from LTECH have been upgraded comprehensively

Aug 03, 2012

LTETH has been maintaining its leading position in LED controller field for many years, which stems from our uninterrupted product innovation. Product innovation consists of two parts: new products development ; the optimization and upgrading of old ones.

There is no perfect product, only better product. More than 10 years, we insist on improving and accumulating technical experience, new products are released continuously while the old ones are upgraded to the date. we strive to give our customers the best quality products.
As per our working plan In 2012, Ltech will upgrade 80% of the products. this is also the first time ltech upgrated so many kinds of products at the same time for many years. By cooperating with other departments, on august 1st,ltech has completed this upgrade plan in advance.

RGB controller series, DMX controller series, LED dimmers series, LED control system, LED video tubes, DMX512 tubes multi series products raise to a higher technology level wholly from appearance craft, material components change, PCB circuit optimization, software program and so on, customer will enjoy a higher performance products with the same price .

Here, we would appreciate the customer who is with LTECH all the way, present your valuable advice in the course of using our products, because of your help, makes LTECH improve and perfect continously.