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Wonderful Chaozhou and Xiamen 3-Day Package Tour

May 12, 2015

Striving to going public in China, LTECH people devoted themselves to this great event, thus leaving no time to enjoy the beauty of Spring. With LTECH being listed successfully, we finally ushered in  the romantic  holiday. All LTECH staff had a 3-Day Package Tour to Chaozhou and Xiamen from May 8 to 10.

  The whole journey was a collection of happy talk, cheers and laughter all the way from Zhuhai to Chaozhou, Chaozhou to Xiamen and way back to Zhuhai. We paid a visit to Kaiyuan Temple, Naputuo Temple in the mood of pilgrimage and strolled in Xiamen University, Gulangyu Island, Pearl Bay and Zeng Cuo An with the feeling of coziness. What a lovely place, Xiamen! Beaches stretches throughout the Huandao Road . Different views, different moods. But completely extraordinary experience everywhere!

This tour enabled us to understand history, explore the natural diversity and experience local culture. All were deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery. For sure, another attraction that makes Xiamen impressive is its specialties. Xiamen has a variety of delicious food, such as unique noodle with satay sauce, peanut soup, pancakes, Oyster omelets, fried noodles, spring rolls, fried glutinous pudding, wonton sop etc. We just couldn’t help tasting them all. Only three days! We got fatter!

The 3-day company-paid tour not only allowed us to relax ourselves, experience the greatness of nature, but also enhanced the understanding and friendship of colleagues. Now the holiday ended and LTECH people will work harder and lead the life in a more positive and high-spirited way.