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The story between LTECH and Intelligent Driver

Jul 30, 2015
LTECH is the leading technology brand in the LED intelligent lighting control field. In recent years, we always get customers’ voice: LTECH are so good at controlling dimming, color mixing and dynamic display, why not start with your own dimmable driver ? To tell the truth, at the first beginning we are a little bit unwilling to do this.

Why not?

Well, why LTECH not manufacture the LED Intelligent Driver items ? Because it is almost totally different from the LED controller on the material components. LED Driver needs much more components than controllers, if consider manufacturing, it requests 2-3 times storage in raw material warehouse, the original resources can also not be shared; In addition, R&D staffs have to be added.  what’s more,production, aging process are also different.

There are more than 100,000 units in stock throughout the year to ensure our LTECH spot sale. The controllers are widely used in LED engineering installation, sometimes urgently needed for engineering contractor. Only in-stock sale can help to deliver the products to customers under the fastest speed for installation. Over the years, our customers are be accustomed to this efficient supply model. If manufacture the LED power supply, have to keep the products in a stock pile, this is equivalent to built a new company of LED driver, LTECH always advocate small but excellent on the operation and management, small company but big act in principle, it is a big challenge for us in the production and management. In addition, there are many companies that do traditional LED power supply try to manufacture the intelligent LED power supply  one after another , in other words, that would be big competition and management risk. 

The reason to do

First plan and then going, is LTECH uphold attitude. We will not just produce some products that smashing our brand .If we will do we just do the best!
After long time of market research as well as testing inspections of different dimming power brands on the market, LTECH found mixed LED power supply on the market, including the market relatively high profile brands their dimming power technology are not professional, dimming effect is not perfect.
The dimming power required excellent technology for hardware and software. Traditional LED power supply manufactures have enough hardware technology in accordance with their traditional practice, but when you want to achieve higher accuracy, need to know more digital power circuit, and requires programming skills, need to know the variety of intelligent lighting systems software dimming interfaces, techniques, methods, and experience, which are traditional LED manufactures lack of. But, LTECH are good at it.
LTECH research team believes the focus in LED dimming power dimmer, LED dimmer is not only energy saving. More importantly, to meet different brightness requirements at different time and spots, which raised a high requirement for the dimming .And this need to a higher technical means or it would difficult to meet the customer need.
Currently most dimming product( such as 0-10V, Trial dimming driver ) on the market are used a variety of low-cost hardware design project of IC solutions companies.Dimming effect and other parameters are not perfect..Because they do not have a deep understanding of the DMX \ DALI or other international protocols for the dimming driver, then produced lots of weak compatibility products for various brands master controller .
     In addition, after a lot of research, LTECH’s R & D dept. summed up the disadvantage of the led driver in the market , such as: weak compatibility, narrow dimming range, Poor of linear dimming, will flash when you dimming the LEDs, will change the color temperature value when you dimming,Poor consistency of output same current when you use various dimming driver, Will signal-jamming when multiple dimming driver work together and also have lots of another affecting experience issues come out. In other hand ,there have power supply without PFC, low efficiency, short life, does not comply with safety requirement, EMC does not comply with energy consumption or safety testing or other requirements in the market.
        LTECH as a front-runner in the field of LED lighting controller. has been a promoter of LED lighting control technology on the market .Customers are disappointed of dimming driver in the market, which greatly affect smart lighting generalize. LTECH has been based on the high quality requirements in producing products, We are believed that we can work out high-quality LED dimming power products, so that can offer you best satisfaction. We don’t wait no longer.That why we beginning.

Time to Start the Program

After a lot of research and development, program analysis discussions, PCB scraps, lasting for more than a year, LTECH LED intelligent dimmable drivers finally came out, supporting various interfaces and protocols such as DALI, DMX512, 0-10V, 1-10V, PWM, TRIAC, PUSH DIM, wireless control etc.. And some of them can be integrated into LTECH Smart Home Wi-Fi Lighting Systems to meet diversified needs.
LTECH LED intelligent dimmable driver design is distinctively different. Most dimming drivers in the market use analog dimming method by adjusting led current, which affects LED color rendering index seriously, resulting in poor linear dimming, low dimming level, narrow dimming range, bad current accuracy and consistency. Let’s see what LTECH brings you. It adopts unique T-PWM dimming technology, advanced digital constant-current circuit technology and MCU program processing, realizing up to 60000:1 dimming depth and 0-100% wide dimming range without flicker( LED start up current<0.1%). PWM dimming by LTECH doesn’t change the LED color temperature. It maintains the best Color Rendering Index of LED lamps, consistent with the dimming curves of human visual perception, making users more comfortable.
LTECH drivers are characterized with multiple current options and wide voltage output, workable with different suppliers’ LED lights with different currents and voltages, avoiding the compatibility problem when replacing LED lights. What’s more, it saves purchasing cost and reduces procurement inventory. One LTECH model can beat and replace dozens of dimming drivers in the market, enabling project installation quite easy and convenient.
In a word, LTECH intelligent LED dimmable driver is bound to be the perfect one at present.