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LTECH’s “Smart+Connected Wi-Fi Lighting Control System” Was received?Excellent?Enterprises Award

Aug 26, 2015
A few days ago, in the Zhuhai competition area of  The Fourth Session of China's Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition” , LTECH’s “Smart+Connected Wi-Fi Lighting Control System” Was received Excellent Enterprises Award. 
China's Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition is a national, public welfare innovation entrepreneurship competition hold by Ministry of science and technology, ministry of education, ministry of finance and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Participating enterprises is a science and technology innovation ability and high-growth potential small and medium-sized enterprises, Mainly engaged in high-tech product research and development, manufacturing, production and service and other aspects of business. Review of standards including technology and products, business model and implementation plan, industry and market, team and financial analysis, etc. Contest winner enterprise will get a reward or form a complete set of supporting policies from the regions and the organization. 

The competition,"Intelligent Internet Wi-Fi lighting control system" which self-developed by our company,adopts LTECH several patented technologies. And also converged lots of emerging technologies ,such as APP, IoT, Wi-Fi, cloud platform, touch control, intelligent driver ect.
Premier Li Keqiang shouted out the slogan of “Encourage people to start their own businesses and to make innovations” was stimulated many enterprise’s innovation enthusiasm. LTECH takes the responsibility of development and innovation for a long time. Act as a catalyst and driver for technological innovation development. To participate in this innovation and entrepreneurship contest, it is another successful attempt of LTECH’s innovative trip, and submitting the best "answer sheet".