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LTECH:NEEQ makes us grow faster and better

Sep 07, 2015
March 9th, 2015 is a inspiring day for all the people from LTECH, they cheer for the group numbers of "832110" after successfully landed on NEEQ. NEEQ is known as Chinese NASDAQ and it is the third National securities exchange place after SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) and SZSE ( Shenzhen Stock Exchange). To be able to landed on NEEQ, the enterprises need to overcome many barriers, pass a series of strict censorship then can finally win out. Why LTECH can land on NEEQ so quickly?  The reason is that LTECH people insist on the specifications of the production and business operation and management. This happens to confirm the old saying: Opportunities are always falling on the prepared person. To finish the work well everyday, when the chances coming, you will go ahead of other people naturally. 
A listed company, not only means that need to standard company system, but also exposed company under public eyes, it's undoubtedly an acid test for a company. On the other hand, a company has the signboard of "listed company", will have a trump card in the future market, have financing chance and make company cake grow big quickly.   
Listing on stock transfer system, help LTECH further perfect the corporate governance structure, improve the level of management, enhance the brand influence, perfecting the incentive mechanism, stability and attract excellent talents, expanding the financing channels, enhance core competitiveness,which in accordance with the long-term development strategy of LTECH.

Normative system is the best pass permit

Enterprise listing is a complex financial engineering and systematic work. In order to insure the success of the listing, company will first analyzes the problem roundly, comprehensive study and carefully gives opinion, fully start operating listing team after get a clear answer.
The first time for a company applying NEEQ involves hundreds of problems, especially under the specific environment in China. Private enterprises generally have many problems left over by history,such as financial, tax, law corporate governance and historical evolution etc, and many problems will be rather difficult in the late period. These problems make innumerable enterprises secede. In addition, company can only be able to apply for the listing items after the reform of joint-stock system, and the process is rather long. LTECH insist on regulated management, clear statements, which helps to reduce a lot preparatory work. At the beginning of preparation process, LTECH got big support and help from securities company, accounting firm, law office and government sector, through the joint efforts of LTECH listed constitute members, finally made the listing project become possible. 

Seize the best chance ,ready for sailing

NEEQ just like a golden key, open the door to success. Being listed on NEEQ is the major strategic initiatives to achieve leapfrog development for LTECH. This is the landmark event in LTECH’s development history. After being listed on NEEQ, LTECH completed a great change, not only the management philosophy or the business are totally changes to a new stage.
 LTECH bring a clear positive and changes in different aspect after being listed on NEEQ for only six months. Attracted the government’s concern and support from different departments, and they gave more advice and support to the enterprise development. LTECH is more likely to attract Senior talent than before .Before listing on NEEQ, LTECH is a group of 60 people, and now increased to 120 people , just six months to expand the team in doubled. R&D department increased from 1 group to 3 groups, and more management ,technical people will continue to join to LTECH. 
And currently, partners and customers feel more confidence about LTECH, and bring more business from the leading lighting companies  LTECH has just completed a cooperation project with a lighting industry giant.And Cooperation has entered the stage of operation with another lighting giant . At present, there are a number of domestic famous lighting companies are working with LTECH for more and more projects.
Since the passed half year, LTECH’s product line has become more diversified.
Before listed , LTECH’s product line is only LED controller, and now increased to intelligent led driver products, at the same time,to provide intelligent LED control and LED power supply supporting products for the lighting enterprises .To provide customers with a full range of one-stop solutions ,and save a lot of time and money.
LTECH was founded zhuhai leitian intelligent technology ltd.co in July this year.This Sub company mainly R&D and sales smart home products.Obviously, LTECH is going to involves in the smart home industry. 

Today, with the development of the Internet, cloud computing technology and the popularity of smart phones, the Internet of things formed, smart home products began to enter ordinary people's life.People connected various home devices together through Internet technology, to enhance the smart home, security, convenience, comfort, to realize environmental protection and energy saving.Smart home products have the broad market prospects and contains enormous business opportunities.After fully consideration and preparation, Ltech started to involved in the field of smart home.
Technology of Smart home and intelligent lighting control are interlinked, so, Ltech has the technical advantage.Mature technology experience Ltech has accumulated in the intelligent lighting control will provide powerful technical support and guarantee for Smart home products owned by Leitian. LeiTian will fully exploit the market demand of Smart home, the design and style of products will be close to public life, more avant-garde, and lead new fashion trend of intelligent life. Leitian will inject new vitality for Ltech's sustainable development.
Intelligent lighting control, intelligent power supply and smart home will be the development direction of Ltech. Ltech is planning to build "Technology Research and Development Production Base" and "Provincial enterprise technology center ""Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center". More planning is still in the process of brewing and implementation.
Just three months after Ltech listed,"Value of 2015 NEEQ",jointly issued by Xinhua News and NEEQ Think-tank, Ltech ranked 33 in the 2500 new companies, and ranked 5 as exclusive company of lighting industry in the same industry (electronic equipment, instruments and components industry).
Ltech ranked at the top of the list means it gained the recognition from capital market and industry experts in the intelligent lighting field.Successfully listed,for Ltech, it's a good start, a beginning of the new development period.It's worth fighting for the better tomorrow in Ltech.