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LTECH held a fire safety training exercises

Nov 24, 2015
In order to further improve the fire safety knowledge, strengthen the use of fire equipment and emergency response capabilities,LTECH held a fire safety knowledge training and fire equipment operation, exercise activities for all employees on 24th Nov,2015. Fire safety is important thing.This training stressed the importance of fire safety once again, clear job responsibilities, And how to carry on the safe evacuation, fire fighting equipment storage location and method of use for emergency situations.And daily fire prevention knowledge in work area , fire access routes etc.that were explained in simple terms. Subsequently, the staff came to the exercise field,Under the safety officer's demonstration and guidance, learning how to use fire extinguisher.This training exercise, to further enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees. employees have a better grasp of the use of fire facilities and equipment,The company's safe production and operation of the conduct of normal business has important significance.