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LTECH invests 10 millions to set up “XiaoLei Technology” focus on science and technology with intelligent household industry

Dec 16, 2015
Recently, LTECH invests 10 millions to set up a subsidiary called  "Guangdong XiaoLei Technology co., LTD." (hereinafter referred to as "XiaoLei Technology").XiaoLei Technology will be fully opened on new area of smart home industry !
New XiaoLei Technology focuses on the intelligent household ecological intelligent lighting for the main shaft, will strive to build a platform for residential equipment, lighting, home appliances, audio, security products, curtain, energy management, and other intelligent integrated control of the organic system. Products must to close to public life, leading the new trend of the smart home, the user will feel with better intelligence,the family life of people will feel more smart and comfortable, environmental health, simple and happy.

LTECH with professional experience in intelligent lighting control field will great help Xiaolei Technology who are subsidiary of LTECH in technology support and quality assurance,Xiaolei Technology  will fully utilize the internet of objects of LTECH, Cloud computing ,and wireless communications, aggressive to be the vanguard of internet of objects, wisdom ecological space and smart home industry.