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"To fearless Youth" LTECH Team Spirit Buildup

Apr 25, 2016
LTECH organized an event “ To Fearless Youth “ outdoor training at Zhuhai Military Base on April, 23rd 2016 ,with 3 teams (sales Dep /R&D Dep2/Marketing Dep )participation.
In just one day, the three departments gave full play to the forces of cooperative combat, fulfilling every task such as trolleybus, concentric rod, battlefield point soldier, live CS, climbing over the 5-meter graduation wall. Everyone made efforts to integrate with the team, strengthen the team cohesion and overcame all the challenges.
With a good sense of teamwork and positive attitude to life are the basic qualities of a modern businessman. The Outward Bound make our team construction to a new level.
The pith of responsibility,cooperation,self-confidence,gratitude are deeply impressed in all staffs, and each one must take responsible for the team. Acquaintance and faith between each other were more stronger through the event.
To achieve the self-understanding, challenge themselves, beyond the goal of the self;Gain more confidence, exercise a greater courage;Understand the importance of the unity cooperation, enhance the collective sense of honor and so on,benefit a lot!