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LTECH The Fruitful 15 years:Global amusement Zhuhai Chime Long international ocean resort peak

Aug 10, 2016

Chime Long Group owns two large one-stop comprehensive theme tourist resort, one is Guangzhou chime-long tourist resort, another is Zhuhai Hengqin chime-long international ocean resort. Chime Long is the first world-class national brand among the tourism industry scale management in China.

Latest completion of Zhuhai Chime Long international ocean resort located at the southern tip of zhuhai Hengqin new area, covers an area of 5 millions square meters, is a construction of Chime Long group and a world-class super-large integrated theme tourist resort, the first investment is more than 20 billions yuan.To build a theme park, luxury hotels, business exhibition, travel shopping, sports leisure in one of the super tourist resort, after the completion these will become the "world tourism big MAC" and "Chime Long" of the world.

LTECH, Zhuhai Chime Long investment development co., LTD, 3 are domestic company and 1 foreign lighting company are cooperated closely, during the Chime Long ocean kingdom resort construction of a few years, provided all kinds of lighting lighting control equipment, finished the indoor and outdoor lighting project cost about 200 millions yuan, now also continue to provide ongoing projects.

In recent years, the projects Guangzhou Chime Long tourist resort, baby shuicheng, rainbow bay and others. zhuhai hengqin chime-long kingdom of ocean projects , such as the lighting projects of Chime Long Hengqin hotel, the Penguins Hotel, Circus hotel, 5D theatre, ocean square, tour floats and so on have adopted the DMX, 0-10 v, SPI dozens of models of LED controller from LTECH

In July, Chime Long ocean kingdoms push out the proformance of "Marine parade" and refreshingly light beam.Tiki active volcanoes, sea elf, tropical night rain night floats the theme of the different style such as stunning appearance.Marine parade at night with millions of LED lamp decoration, also uses LTECH DMX - SPI pixels controllers with the world's top lighting technology innovation, for visitors to present a feast to the light.

LTECH will provide more high quality world-class products for Chime Long ocean kindom tourist resort.