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Case Study | LTECH DMX System Used in BMW Car Commercial Shoot in South Africa

May 31, 2024

BMW, a renowned German car brand, has captivated car enthusiasts with its powerful performance and appealing appearance. Even its commercial is exceptionally cool.

Do you find this BMW advertisement eye-catching? Recently, the new BMW electric car series advertising film launched in South Africa creatively uses light to showcase the design and speed of the BMW cars. The stunning lighting effects, which convey speed and passion, were achieved using the LTECH DMX system. Let's uncover this remarkable effect.

Cleverly controlling lighting to showcase the beauty of BMW car's body

How to create a suitable lighting solution that both match the advertisement creativity to highlight the car's body and ensures no damage to the vehicle. The solution achieves convenient intelligent remote control through the use of LTECH DMX decoder and WiFi-RDM controller combined.

After the LTECH WiFi-RDM controller is connected, lighting can be wirelessly controlled via a mobile phone app through WiFi. The compact size of the product makes it more convenient for special applications like this. Additionally, remote firmware upgrade is also supported, enabling users to easily update to the latest firmware version and enjoy the best functionalities.

Showcasing the speed thrill of BMW cars with lighting

The solution utilizes the LTECH DMX512 decoder, featuring 32 channel outputs and a total power of up to 2304W, to perfectly create exceptional cool lighting across the whole car body. The solution controls the color temperature of the LED light strips, ranging from 2700K to 6000K. This allows for the creation of dimming and shining effects, which are captured by high-speed cameras. It excellently restores the advertising director's vision.

Creating outstanding commercial films with quality lighting

In commercial lighting, DMX solutions are often needed to achieve diverse lighting effects. Ensuring signal stability and preventing interference between devices are crucial for the successful implementation of these projects.

All LTECH DMX decoders feature strong signal amplification and anti-interference capabilities, making them suitable for various lighting solution requirements. With options for 16-bit (65,536 levels) or 8-bit (256 levels) grayscale, high-quality lighting can be crafted in any occasion.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years. In the early stage of LED development, LTECH introduced DMX technology to Chinese LED industry and developed DMX512 decoders, which make it successfully combine DMX512 protocol with stage LED fixtures. This innovation promotes the development and growth of DMX technology in China. Over the years, LTECH has consistently adhered to independent innovation and research and development, resulting in a full range of high-quality DMX products. Their stable and efficient product performance has enabled LTECH DMX products to be sold all over the world.

LTECH has developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent LED Driver" and "LED Control System". We have also created sub-brand products such as L-BUS® lighting control system, LTSYS® intelligent drivers, and Xiaolei® smart home products. Additionally, we have created our L-Home® IoT cloud platform. They are widely used in numerous smart homes, smart offices and smart hotels worldwide. In the following days, we will keep presenting exceptional project case studies.

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