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LTECH Smart Home System Application | Worldwide Residential and Commercial Case Study Collection

May 24, 2024

LTECH has developed our own brand's smart home system utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh for networking. It is compatible with four major protocol interfaces including DALI, DMX, 0-10V, and phase-cut dimming. This integrating allows the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh protocol to expand and work with wired intelligent drivers, breaking through the limitations of wired and wireless solutions and making it suitable for all commercial and home scenarios. Here are a few examples of the smart home system used in commercial and residential applications.

Office Lighting in Hanoi, Vietnam

Located in Hanoi, Vietnam
The LED lighting brand created a five-story office spaceAccording to diverse space functionsVibrant smart control scenes are tailored

The LED lighting brand's headquarters office in Hanoi, Vietnam, features a five-story office space designed for various functions, including decorative light displays, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting displays, smart control solution experiences, and smart home scene experiences. The entire space utilizes the LTECH smart home system to create diverse smart scenes.

The solution utilizes the LTECH super panel and Bluetooth 5.0 drivers to achieve vibrant, colorful lighting scenes throughout multiple office areas. To seamlessly link various types of lighting fixtures, it employs the LTECH Super Smart Panel and Bluetooth switch modules. This allows ordinary lamps to connect to the smart home system, enabling wireless control and transforming them into smart fixtures instantly.

By connecting to the LTECH super dimming module, four major dimming protocol interfaces are compatible. This enables comprehensive control of different lamp types, truly breaking through the limitations of wired and wireless solutions and making it suitable for all commercial and home scenarios.

Windsor Villas in Zhenjiang, China

Known as Jiangsu’s "Venice built on water,"
Zhenjiang’s Windsor Villas is a high-end compound consisting exclusively of villas.Modeled after the eighth wonder of the world "The Palm Island"It offers convenient access to Taizhou and Wuxi

As a well-known villa compound in Zhenjiang, Windsor Villas offers a variety of villa types, including townhouses and single-family houses. This project integrates the LTECH smart home system into private residences, combining Chinese soft and hard decoration styles. By adjusting the brightness and color temperature of light strips and downlights throughout the house, it creates an elegant living atmosphere.

The solution achieves diverse lighting scenes through the LTECH super smart panel and Super Smart Switch in combination with LTECH Bluetooth 5.0 constant voltage and constant current drivers.

In large apartments, only a stable and easy-to-use smart home system can meet the application demands and the needs of family members of all ages. LTECH smart home system leverages Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh technology for networking and offers multiple interaction methods, including remote control, app control, voice control, sensors, and panels, to complete the commissioning of all Bluetooth devices and lighting effects. This approach not only significantly reduces time and labor costs in wiring, but also make it easy for the entire family to live a smart life.

Damingcheng Residential Compound in Changzhou, China

It is located in the Xinbei Feilu residential area of Changzhou, in a core area of the city
Spanning over 600 acres, it offers homes with natural landscapesMaking it a rare, high-quality, large-scale compound in the locality

Damingcheng Residential Compound offers a variety of house types such as single-family villas, high-rises, and townhouses. Let‘s take a look at the smart home solution for mid- to high-rise apartments. LTECH smart home system creates a worry-free, connected smart life.

In addition to the regular functional areas such as dining rooms and bedrooms, the owner has also planned spaces like tea rooms and indoor gardens, reflecting a unique pursuit of lifestyle. Multi-space lighting scenes are controlled by the LTECH super smart panel and super smart switch, along with LTECH Bluetooth 5.0 drivers. This combination allows for intelligent, one-click control of various lighting scenes.

A home is a place where people conduct their everyday life. A healthy and comfortable lighting environment plays an essential role in creating a high-quality home life. LTECH is the pioneer of T-PWM® super depth dimming technology which enables the 0.01% dimming depth. It provides smooth and delicate dimming without flickers across the range, which complies with the IEEE1789 standard and achieves high frequency exemption level. LTECH is one of the first brands in the industry to achieve the 0.01% dimming level. The solution uses LTECH intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 driver to enable the natural transition between light and dark, creating different moods and rich atmospheres. The lighting scene can be customized at will.

LTECH has dived deep into the industry for 21 years and we have developed a full range of smart lighting control products centered around "Smart Home", "Intelligent Driver" and "LED Control System". We will continue to provide a large number of competitive, safe and reliable products for smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. We have carried out tens of thousands of medium- and large-size lighting projects and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent lighting control solutions to our global customers.

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