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New Product | Customized, Flexible Screen Displays for Smart Switches

Dec 17, 2022

As people have a rising demand for the customized house designs, multi-functional spaces and versatile smart home devices become popular among youngsters. Therefore, whole house intelligent solutions will correspondingly incorporate a variety of living scenes.

When a home is divided into several sections for specific functions and needs multiple control devices, a smart switch panel can play a significant role in executing smart scenes and controlling whole house devices. It is the key element to turn your home into a smart home.

Intelligence of the switch panels

LTECH’s newly launched Super+ Creativity Series smart switches feature intuitive screen displays, which solve the common smart switch problem of difficultly identifying the right switch button for the right scene.

To make users choose the right switch button for its connected light or scene, most smart switch panels on the market are designed with explanatory text or icons on buttons by using engraving, silk screen printing, or stickers. Doing so, it is not easy to change button text or icons.

Creativity Series smart switches are designed with PMOLED screen display for each button. Users can change scene names, button text anytime with LTECH L-Home App and sync the changes to the switches. With this feature, it is easy to identify the correct switch button for the scene, as well as to flexibly change scene names.

Screen displays for easy text modification

Creativity Series smart switches consist of 1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang and knob switches. Screen display for each button can show max 36 characters. Users can freely add creative icons to the screens, name the scenes and post customized message.

On anniversaries, birthdays or family days, users can set up the scenes and blessing words. In the daily life, they can also leave their messages on the screen serving as a reminder.

The forward-looking technology

Although smart homes are becoming increasingly common, the disconnection between smart switch panels, whole house devices or preset scenes always happens. This results from the network crash, long network links or slow response between devices. Creativity Series smart switches run on the Bluetooth SIG Mesh 5.0 system that features ultra strong networking capacity. Each panel serves as a Bluetooth node extending signals to each other node. It allows data to directly go to the devices and enables more efficient response. Up to 200 local scenes are stored on the switch panels which can run globally and locally.

This advanced distributed scene storage technology ensures stable interconnection and communication between whole house devices even in large houses or penthouses. Devices and preset scenes can still work without the Internet. Creativity Series smart switches work with other whole house smart products from LTECH, making whole house smart control faster, and more stable!

Aesthetics of panel combinations

Creativity Series smart switches are one of the new SUPER+ series products launched by LTECH in 2022, which have won 6 international awards so far, including iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Japan G-Mark Design Award, IDPA Japan Design Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award and CES Innovation Awards. With the outstanding industrial aesthetics and minimalist design, this series products have a great impact on aesthetics of smart home design, winning the customer approval globally.

LTECH Super+ Series products are visually appealing. They can be seamlessly integrated into your wall and make it look more organized and concise. Users are able to flexibly combine the panels together in more than 400 ways and choose the best panel combination depending on their needs, making product usage more convenient and user-friendly.