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LTECH Global Distributor Conference and New Product Releases 2024

Jun 07, 2024

This year, the new LTECH R&D headquarters base - LTECH Technical Park, officially opened, marking the start of the LTECH 3.0 era! On June 6, distributors from all over the world gathered in our "new home" for the first time at the grand LTECH Global Distributor Conference and New Product Releases 2024.

The big LTECH family gathered for the first time at our new home

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Lei Jianqiang, CEO of LTECH, shared the LTECH's development history with both domestic and international distributors: LTECH has engaged in this industry for 21 years and we always insist on taking technological innovation as the core. It is our commitment to becoming a world-leading brand of intelligent lighting solutions and contributing to the advancement of intelligent lighting worldwide.

Distributors are not just our partners; they are our comrades-in-arms. Mr. Lei shared the LTECH’s brand competence and distributor system construction on site, giving everyone greater confidence to move forward steadily.

Win-win development in domestic and international markets: crafting a global market strategy

At the beginning of its establishment, LTECH took the lead in entering the international market, achieving strong overseas sales. Always striving for improvement, LTECH has continuously and proactively adjusted its strategic direction to simultaneously target domestic and international markets. In 2015, we expanded the smart driver sector and officially entered the smart home industry. We have deepened our efforts in the three major sectors: smart home, intelligent driver, and LED controller, laying a solid foundation for the current, mature and comprehensive range of intelligent lighting control products.

At the conference, LTECH detailed its empowerment policy for global distributors, tailored to the diverse conditions of domestic and international markets and the growth needs of distributors. This policy showcased LTECH's commitment to supporting distributors, helping them thrive in a competitive landscape.

New LTECH products 2024 were released at this moment of heightened attention : secret details revealed.

The highly anticipated 2024 LTECH smart home panels, new ecosystem, and new technologies are being unveiled first to LTECH distributors at this new product release conference!

The new products unveiled include visually appealing new smart home series products designed for those who pursue extraordinary home aesthetics, NFC Bluetooth RGBCW driver, homekit smart gateway, 485 super smart module, etc. LTECH will continue the smart ecosystem expansion to foster the robust ecosystem among manufacturer brands and enabling distributors to undertake projects without restrictions.

Took an in-depth tour of LTECH Technical Park, our new home, enjoyed a new view

On the day of the event, LTECH guided our distributor members on an in-depth tour of our new headquarters, impressing domestic and international distributors with its robust corporate strength.

In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed a garden-style outdoor buffet in our "new home," savoring delicious food and chatting about life in the warm early summer!

Our family member from home and abroad deeply felt the warmth of the LTECH family in the diverse living, entertainment, and fitness areas for employees!

Event dinner and award ceremony: Grateful for the past and embarking on a new journey with you

That evening, a banquet was hosted at the five-star Renaissance Zhuhai Hotel, coinciding with the 2024 LTECH Distributor Conference award ceremony.

LTECH encourages distributors to pursue comprehensive development, offering rewards and motivation to drive continuous progress from multiple angles. This approach reflects LTECH's long-term support and trust in our distributor partners.

Looking ahead, LTECH will continue partnering with global distributors to deliver superior services, products, and advanced technologies. We look forward to seeing you again!