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Project Case | Illuminating the Splendor of Hengshan Garden Hotel, Shanghai with LTECH Intelligent Lighting

Jul 28, 2023

From Picardie Apartment to Hengshan Hotel until now it is named Hengshan Garden Hotel, Shanghai, it is called differently by different generations of Shanghai people. Over the past nine decades, it has witnessed the prosperity of Hengshan Road.


LTECH intelligent lighting

lights up Hengshan Road

Once known as "One of the Shanghai's foreign-related hotels" Picardie Apartment and "Famous Shanghai hotel" Hengshan Hotel, the hotel nowadays unveils its stunning transformation after undergoing the historical changes. The hotel uses a total of 1,300 LTECH constant voltage DALI tunable white LED drivers to dim and tune the lights in different parts of the hotel, presenting us the premium quality of contemporary star hotel lighting.


Inherited the past glory

and made model lighting

As the once representative Art Deco building in Shanghai, its original style has been restored to the greatest extent in this renovation project.

From the hotel lobby to guest room corridors, skyscrapers silhouettes can be founded almost everywhere. The color temperature of LTECH drivers is adjustable from 1000k to 10000k that satisfies the demands of multiple types of indoor LEDs as well as scenes. This enables customers to make the most use of lights to give more credits to spaces. The products also feature constant power design that ensures the same brightness level when adjusting to different color temperature. It is ideal to create ambient lighting that matches different parts of the hotel and highlights its artistic design.


To recreate the superior quality of a star hotel,start with lighting environments

Throughout the history, Hengshan Garden Hotel underwent five renovations. To continuously adapt to requirements of hotel reception and market changes, the renovation this time made it a model of first-class hotels again.

Lighting is a crucial element in reflecting hotel environments. LTECH DALI LED drivers incorporate our pioneering T-PWM Super Depth Dimming Technology that dims LEDs from 0.1% and allows flicker-free lighting across the range. The provided lighting complies with the IEEE1789 standard and reaches high frequency exemption level that help create unparalleled star hotel lighting.


Truly intelligent lighting that is

more eco-friendly and energy-saving

LTECH has dived deep into the lighting industry for 20 years that puts us at the forefront of technological advancements. We actively participate in low-carbon environmental protection. Our DALI drivers’ efficiency reaches 93% and the standby power consumption is less than 0.5W, which comply with the EU’s ErP directive.

As an enabler of the lighting industry, LTECH will lead the development of intelligent LED drivers with our new orientation of smaller product size, less SKUs, more sophisticated technology and minimalist applications. We will strive to deliver the best project results possible with more stunning intelligent lighting products and lower power consumption.

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