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New Store Opening | LTECH Whole House Smart Store Comes to Shilihe, Beijing

Aug 21, 2023

In August, the grand opening of LTECH Whole House Smart Store was held in Shilihe, Beijing. Located in the Shilihe Lighting City, the store on the opening day gained huge popularity and attracted a lot of industry fellows and guests!

On the opening day, LTECH China Regional Sales General Manager Ms.Li Fangfang attended the opening ceremony and witnessed the new store opening together with the directors of LTECH Whole House Smart Store Shilihe, Beijing and other guests.

During the event, the product introduction and promotion meeting was held to share the guests LTECH’s most cutting-edge technologies and latest products. In the store showroom, everyone is able to have an immersive experience of LTECH whole house smart life.

The competition for revenue of the smart home market has started. We are now looking for service providers of LTECH whole house intelligence, who will get the brand empowerment from the A-share listed company, benefit from our 20-year experience in the intelligent lighting industry and will enjoy comprehensive support welfare. We are looking forward to working with you to usher in the smart home era, in which the market size is projected to be valued at 100 billion.