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New Product Release 2022 | LTECH Whole House Intelligence SUPER+ Series Products

Jun 18, 2022

Currently, "Intelligence" is becoming a major trend in all walks of life, and the traditional lighting manufacturing is also facing the transformation challenge of intelligent lighting. However, the R&D teams in the field of intelligence need time to develop and optimize the technologies. In addition, more and more cross-border enterprises want to join the field of lighting and have the lighting market share. However, the lighting industry needs more technology innovative enterprises that can lead the lighting industry to make intelligent and quality lighting.

LTECH, a pioneer of intelligent lighting industry, has a mature R&D team for intelligent control. We dive into the research of the whole house smart system. During the process of transformation from traditional lighting to intelligent lighting, LTECH plays a crucial role that empowers this transformation.

LTECH Technology

Promote the development of the industry

With 20 years of experience, LTECH was one of the first enterprises in China to enter the field of intelligent lighting control. We have been a benchmark enterprise for LED lighting control system and intelligent LED drivers in China. In 2015, we set up Xiaolei company and enter a new era of development of smart home industry and empower the intelligent transformation of the industry.

In this summer, LTECH releases Whole House Intelligence SUPER+ Series Products and we wish to create a more wonderful smart life. Look at the pictures below to learn more about our new products.