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Exhibition Review | LTECH Shined at ARCHITECT EXPO 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand

May 07, 2024

Architect Expo 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand was successfully held on April 30-May 5 at IMPACT, where our exceptional smart home product family were showcased to industry professionals and visitors.

Bright LTECH red is taking center stage at the international expo

LTECH has built a large 144 ㎡ booth, featuring an open layout and a variety of experiential themes. Visitors can immerse themselves in various scenes enabled by LTECH's comprehensive range of intelligent lighting control products.

We've succeeded to craft a captivating booth with bright LTECH red for excellent interaction once again. Four sides open of the booth provided guests with maximum freedom to experience LTECH products and engaged in in-depth technical discussions. The inside was designed with an immersive smart home experience space and a creative lighting demo box.

Within the light and shadow space crafted by LTECH, a rich variety of of lighting scenes were achieved via smart home super panels, DMX modules, and intelligent Bluetooth 5.0 drivers. Visitors came to explore the interactive fun of light and shadow.

In the smart home experience area, guests immersed themselves in whole house linkage scenes powered by LTECH's smart home solution, complimenting at the capabilities of the LTECH smart home system.

LTECH’s exceptional products attracted enthusiasts on the spot!

The exhibition drawn industry professionals and end-users globally. LTECH's outstanding smart home systems and products on display seized their attention.

At this year’s exhibition, We were showcasing our full range of intelligent lighting control products including smart home products, intelligent LED drivers and controllers. With them, a powerful smart ecosystem is built to meet intelligent needs of lighting companies, commercial spaces and home scenes.

Architect Expo 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand has come to a successful end! We look forward to continuing hosting engaging discussions about the future with global industry professionals!