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Project Case | The Lighting Secrets of Trendy Xin ZhangFu Restaurant in Changsha International Finance Square

Aug 07, 2023

As a highly popular local Hunan cuisine restaurant in Changsha, Xin ZhangFu Restaurant has always been deemed as the highest luxurious place to serve most valued guests by locals. To create both delicious and good-looking restaurant experience, lighting adds more credits.


Smart control of light and shadow and its aesthetics

The restaurant decoration has a fusion of Chinese traditional elements and modern elements to highlight the beauty of Hunan cuisine, one of eight major cuisines of Han nationality.

The restaurant covers a business area of 5,000㎡, with a 2-story banquet hall and 34 private rooms. The whole restaurant achieves the highly stable IoT intelligent control solution through the combination of LTECH super panels and LTECH Bluetooth 5.0 intelligent drivers.


Minimalist smart lighting

For such large spaces and diverse requirements of lighting layouts, LTECH smart home system is able to realize independent local control and gives full play to this powerful functionality without relying the network or a gateway. To meet different scene requirements, this solution utilizes LTECH super panels that come with gateway functionality and have built-in wired network port and Wi-Fi port to realize remote control and a variety of functions. A composite system structure is built that combines distributed structure and master structure to bring together combination flexibility, robust functionality and expansibility.

The advantages of such robust products help commercial projects to save time and costs in wiring and labor during the implementation process. Using one mobile phone only, commissioning of all lighting effects can be completed via L-Home APP. A stable wireless intelligent lighting system is sure to significantly reduce installation costs and improve efficiency for commercial projects.


Quality healthy lighting

In private rooms used to entertaining guests, usually the mealtime atmosphere is tailored to match themes of banquets. No matter it’s festival or warm atmosphere, lighting can make them reality.

The aesthetics of lighting environments are all based on healthy, eye-friendly and humanized lighting. Xin ZhangFu Restaurant starts from the details of lighting that let customers eat in a truly comfortable environment. The full range of LTECH Bluetooth LED drivers have integrated T-PMW super depth dimming technology that allows for 0.0001% dimming depth to fit enriched lighting scenes and requirements. In addition to this, the technology can even create elevated lighting with no flicker across the range, which complies with the IEEE 1789 standard and reaches the high-frequency exception level.


Creative colored lighting

As a Hunan cuisine restaurant popular among Changsha people, Xin ZhangFu Restaurant add more cutting-edge elements to its decoration and lighting style.

The banquet hall utilizes LTECH super panels in combination with Bluetooth 5.0 intelligent full color drivers to realize intelligent control of various dimming scenes. Through L-home APP interaction and touchscreen interaction with the super panel, remote smart control of colorful lights can be realized to transform atmosphere in seconds.

LTECH has dived deep into the intelligent lighting industry for 20 years. We always insists on taking technological innovation as the core and constantly brings new technology into the field of intelligent lighting. We successively developed three product lines which are "LED Controller", "Intelligent Driver" and "Smart Home" . We will continue to keep our three product lines closely associated to provide a more complete one-stop intelligent lighting control solution.