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NEWS | The construction of LTECH R&D headquarters officially started

Aug 25, 2018

August 18th 2018 was a special day to Ltech!

So excited that the construction of Ltech headquarter officially started!

At 9AM of August 18th, Ltech was immersed in happy and busy atmosphere. The official construction start ceremony was held favorably under the witness of Ltech leaders, employee representative and honored guests.

After Start Ceremony, the construction work started operation with the sounds of firecrackers.

Ltech headquarter is located on the north side of Zhuhai Avenue, west side of Yanjiang Expressway, and on the D8 plot of Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park (Shui'an First Road). It covers an area of 8,000 square meters and total construction scale of 21,300 square meters. The headquarter has total 3 buildings, which are composed of office building, production building and comprehensive building, integrating office, R&D, sales and production.

The atrium is specially built with gardens, as well as 5,300 square meters of basement (including underground parking).The buildings are connected by air corridor, which is not only interactive, but also a landscape.The overall design is in accordance with the high-end style of Internet enterprises, which aimed to create a first-class working environment and matched facilities. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2019.

The construction of LTECH R&D headquarter is of great significance to the development of LTECH. It will not only further expand the company's scale, strengthen the R&D, production and sales team, but also provide more beautiful working environment for all staffs, which will also greatly improve the brand and strength of LTECH. LTECH is bound to open up bigger markets in a new way.

Each brilliant future has a successful beginning, the grand curtain of LTECH new development is opened, and a new beginning starts a new journey. All LTECH staffs in the future will never forget their original intention and march forward through hardship. At this time of next year, they will witness more rapid development of LTECH in this place.