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Activity | 2017 <Fortune>forum use lamplight to bloom Guangzhou charm

Dec 23, 2017


6th, Dec to 8th, Dec, Global forum will be held in Guangzhou, 152 fortune 500 companies and more than 1000 representatives from all walks of life from China and other countries attended the forum, these 500 companies and number of CEO all exceeded the highest in the most calendar year.

In this current global forum, the internet+RDM application was first unveiled in the landscape lighting project across the pearl river in Guangzhou. The nighttime lighting linkage and audio linkage of 68 large buildings showcased with standard RDM detection applications. In this control system, DMX 512 agreement also obtains the widespread popularization and the application.

The lighting forum of Fortune is one of the most distinctive features of Guangzhou. Scenery of full of colorful lights, brilliant lights, high-rise buildings and an international lantern lamp flattering Manhattan in New York City. It also has the tranquil beauty of the traditional river view of Lingnan. Eyes closed. The technical point of view in this project lies in that the project of landscape lighting on both sides of the Pearl River has realized the combination of Internet linkage control system and RDM real-time detection system. In recent years, the city night lighting project, the Internet linkage control system has been widely used.

RDM and DMX 512 are closely related, RDM technology standards proposed by the ESTA, the ANSI-cetified RDM protocol(based DMX512 communication link to achieve the remote management of lighting equipment agreement), its main role is to achieve remote device management, and to achieve this effect. The physical transmission platform is LED control application system of DMX512 protocol component. However, the key point of the DMX device is setting of start address, which determines the lighting effect of project. If encounter the stage upgrade, lighting effects change, need to change the data to height, is very complex process.

After 16 years of technical accumulation, LTECH has realized the perfect combination of DMX512 ptotocol and LED lamps. When the LED lamps have not yet emerged, the DMX512 protocol has been recognized by international stage lighting equipment industry under the development of USITT(American Theater Technology Association) Standardization of communication protocols. LTECH in the domestic DMX technology is no the time to independently introduce DMX technology into the domestic LED industry, research and development to produce DMX512 decoder driver, LTECH DMX decoder uses advanced decoding technology, the international popular DMX512 standard digital control signal into Constant current/constant voltage PWM signals and SPI(TTL) digital signal drive LED, the light of variety of signals can be transformed into each other. High-power multi-channel design effectively solve a variety of LED smart lights need to conduct different operations at the same time, and through the DMX512 digital console at the same time control, to achieve a variety of stage effects.

LTECH have over 100 RDM function DMX products, these DMX decoders have a remote management protocol that supports remote/online read and write addresses. Without changing existing DMX structure, DMX equipment and DMX equipment supporting RDM protocol exist at the same time. The RDM protocol supports bidrectional communication and greatly expands the functions of the software, including working status querying of DMX machines, switching on and off time settings, dimming ratio settings, support for search devices and modify the DMX start address and other functions. In addition also joined Wi-Fi module, through the mobile APP software for wireless control, support for remote firmware upgrades, user-friendly to the most functional and the most complete and the latest version of the firmware version. Compatible with other manufactures with standard protocol products, and the product is mounted on the bus does not affect the normal operation of other products. High-quality products to the performance of the organizers to bring high-quality, stable program playback and audience praise.

2017 forum presents glamorous Guangzhou glamorous lighting show and becomes a bright new business card in Guangzhou. Since its establishment 16 years ago, LTECH has been adhering to the excellent technical level and innovative ability to promote technological upgrading and transformation of entire industry, in the future will continue to increase investment in technology research and development and independent LTECH innovation capability for lighting industry to bring smart lighting to the new standard.