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Future Residence Forum Tour in Wuhan 2021 | LTECH Super Panel Drawn Huge Attention

Apr 28, 2021

On April 23, Future Residence Forum Tour in Wuhan 2021 was held in Our Hotel Wuhan Hong.

The forum is represented in various ways, including keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, product/technology demonstrations and on-site communication. This is grand forum towards the whole industry, aiming to integrate resources and pursue common development.

Photos at the forum

As one of the pioneers of the field of intelligent lighting in China, LTECH always insists on putting technology R&D at the core and constantly brings new technology into the field of intelligent lighting, which has already created new intelligent LED lighting control technology. With possessing the core competencies of AI+IoT+Cloud+Actuator, LTECH developed three main product lines - "LED Controller", " Dimmable LED Driver" and "Smart Home", which meet the need of lighting enterprises, commercial space and residential houses for intelligent scenes. In 2015, LTECH established L-Home IoT cloud platform that built a complete processing flow from the Cloud to App, and to keep three product lines closely associated. Meanwhile, it can work with the major intelligent platforms around the world by cloud connections,providing complete one-stop intelligent lighting solutions.

Super Panel display

At the forum this time, LTECH displayed the whole house smart home system with “Super Panel”as its core item, which drawn huge attention of the industry.

LTECH booth drawn huge attention

Super Panel uses a Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh system that is compatible with TCP/IP、Wi-Fi、BLE. It integrates traditional intelligent switches, intelligent gateways, background music, intelligent curtains,and HVAC control to control the entire smart home with multiple control modes, covering the smart living scenes of intelligent lighting, entertainment and home appliance control.

Video of LTECH whole house smart home system

Based on the super cutting-edge core technology and 20 years’ lighting control experience, LTECH whole house smart home system has ultra-high dimming capacity and compatibility.Through Super Panel’s whole house smart system, users are able to adjust appropriate color temperature according to the time of days and seasons, who can also customize lighting modes that suit their moods.

Scene mode display of LTECH whole house smart home

Apart from that,Super Panel’s smart system supports a wide variety f light fixtures and creates comfortable and healthy lighting environments. It also supports over 1000 major home appliances brands in the market that can seamlessly connect to more smart devices, such as smart musical devices, smart audio and video devices and smart cleaning device.

LTECH smart home can seamlessly connect to more smart devices

Super Panel’s smart system truly realizes the interconnection between smart hardware of whole house, providing integrated, smart whole house living experiences for you.

Don’t feel regret if you do not come to the forum this time. Future Residence Forum Tour in Chengdu will hold in July. By that time, LTECH will bring the whole house smart home system to wait for your arrival. LTECH lets you instantly enjoy whole house smart experiences without waiting for future.