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LTECH Two-days trip to Luofu mountain, West Lake, Austria style town

Nov 28, 2016

On Nov,26th, 27th,all the staff came to Luofu mountain, West Lake, Austria style town,for a two days trip.

They are belongs to scenic spots. Luofu mountain is one of the top ten famous mountains of Taoism in China, the "lingnan first mountain" It is a national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot National key scenic spot Majestic tall and straight,quiet, secluded natural scenery.

When people mention”west lake”, they first think of”West Lake Hangzhou”, but”the world Xihu Thirty-six, only Huizhou foot and Hangzhou”. Huizhou West Lake have west”ramie Luo Village West” reputation. The west lake scenic area is composed of five lakes, six bridges, seven hills, sixteen scene. Antique pavilions looms in the green trees, deep and remote-twists and turns, the floating state, tree-lined lake sparkling, the shore, the scenery is very beautiful.

Different with the scenery of Luofu Mountain and West Lake, Austrian style town give off rich exotic. Colorful buildings, smooth walls, black metal street lamps, and the European style of the various facilities on the street, It seems like everyone were in the Central European countries Austria.

During the two-day tour, buddies from LTECH visited the Dongjingzong Clan Memorial Hall in Luofu Mountain Scenic Spot, climbed the Luofu Mountain, which was famous as the “NO.1 Mountain in south of the Five Ridges, watched the poetic and pictorial scenery of Huizhou West Lake, visited the exotic Austria Town, tasted various kinds of Hakka cuisine. By climbing the Luofu Mountain, we all took a good exercise of ourselves; By walking around the Huizhou West Lake and the Austria Town, we enjoyed the distinctive romance and joy, feeling happy both physically and mentally. Team activity makes everybody more closed to each other, bringing more communication as well as responsive chord. All of this made us more united and we help each together, make progress together and make great achievement all together!