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Project Case | Those changes of Zhuhai Airport that have to look at before National Day trips

Oct 08, 2018

When we arrive in a city, the first impression is mostly given to the city's airport, high-speed rail station or road. High income, high education, high position and high consumption population is highly concentrated in the airport passenger flow, which is the irreplaceable value of airport advertising medias. In today’s case, we will take you to Zhuhai Airport, and look at the use of lights in advertising boxes.

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, which was officially opened in June 1995,which is located at the southwest end of Sanzao town, Jinwan district, Zhuhai City, Guangdong province, China. It is one of the five airports in the Pearl River Delta region. In 2017 alone, Zhuhai Airport achieved a passenger throughput of 9.21 million, a year-on-year increase of 50%, and it has become the first airport in China to increase its passenger flow.

In March of this year, in order to improve the overall environment, Zhuhai Airport completed the renovation and installation of various forms of media including the east and west corridors, the railing light boxes and the pillars, and carried out the airport advertising operation in the form of multi-form media. In this transformation, Zhuhai Airport used the wireless M1 controller kit to achieve wireless control of light box dimming, which will help the overall improvement of Zhuhai Airport.

If the lighting of the advertising light box is improperly used, problems such as shadows and light leakage may occur, thereby affecting the entire screen effect. Different screen colors also need different lighting brightness to ensure the best picture. For example, when the external sunlight comes in during the daytime, the brightness of the light in the advertising light box should be high to highlight the advertising effect. On the contrary, the brightness of the light in the light box should be lower when the indoor lighting is darker, which will make people feel comfortable when browsing ads.

According to the performance requirements of different advertising screens, LTECH analyzes the lighting of the airport light boxes and uses the intelligent lighting controller M1 to adjust to the most suitable brightness to achieve the best advertising effect and bring more benefits. In addition, the size of the Mini intelligent lighting controller is only one third of that of the conventional controller. It can be easily hidden in the light boxes without changing the type and arrangement of the lamps in the light boxes. The wireless control is convenient for the construction people to adjust the brightness after installation, and there is no exposed equipment, which makes the installation more convenient.

Airports have strict standards for lighting, and advertising light boxes are large luminaries in the airport. It has a large number and a wide distribution. The stroboscopic phenomenon is easy to cause headaches and eye fatigue. All LTECH products have reached the stroboscopic high-frequency exemption level, ensuring that the advertising light boxes give the same visual brightness and comfort in different installation environments.

LTECH Mini wireless intelligent LED controller, through the transmission of RF signal, integrates dimming, color temperature and RGB, RGBW control, using wireless remote control to achieve PWM digital dimming for each light box, which makes the advertising screen display more exciting.

In 2018, the wireless mini controller sets are connected to the L-home IoT cloud platform. Users who have bought the wireless mini controller sets previously or recently only need to add an intelligent gateway to realize powerful functions such as global remote control, timing mode and scene mode through mobile phones. After matching the intelligent gateway, select various dynamic lighting effects, adjust the changing speed and brightness, DIY lighting effects and adjust the RGB order, and select the functions of storing and playing custom scenes.