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Good News | LTECH has awarded as “ Core Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai ”

Dec 18, 2017

Recently, LTECH LED Intelligent Lighting controller Engineering Technology Research Center, hereinafter referred to as “ LTECH Engineering Technology Center” identified as Core Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai ; This confirmation is passed via the inspection and on-site inspection of the ZHUHAI Industry experts.

LTECH Engineering Technology Center has been rewarded as “ Engineering Technology Research Center of GuangDong Province” as early; Again to win the honor of “ Core Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai” is to reaffirm of the technical innovation,R&D development capabilities of LTECH.

LTECH ,the firstly focus on LED intelligent lighting control system, has 16years experience in research , produce,selling; Its products has covered commercial control system, household lighting control field; LTECH has developed over 1000 intelligent lighting control and drivers products, and has obtained more than 100 patents and certifications from many technical authorities around the world.Its premium products has satisfied with various needs,providing the clients with comprehensive lighting solutions, and has won the trust and support of customers from home and abroad.

By this rewarding, LTECH has been compacted its strength in the filed of LED intelligent lighting, promoting the scientific research and production of closely integrated and intelligent control of new technology development ; Also providing strong backing for technology stragtegy and planing ;LTECH will take this as an opportunity to integrate innovative resources and talents to lead a new platform.