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LTECH won the "Excellence Award"of the fourth China’s LED Prize

May 22, 2017

LTECH won the "Excellence Award"of the fourth China’s LED Prize on April 22nd. 

The fourth China’s LED Prize, the national award in the field of domestic technological innovation, was held in Xiaolan, Zhongshan, attracting more than 300 leaders, experts, scholars and business representatives in LED industry all over the country. In the awards ceremony, LTECH won the "Excellence Award". 

Awards ceremony site

LTECH development up to now, has produced thousands of LED controller and dimming driver, satisfy different use, providing high quality products and lighting solutions. Products are exported abroad and domestic, for years accumulated good reputation abroad and domestic, won thousands of customer’s trust and support. Now won “China LED first award”, prove LTECH technology research and development in the leading edge of strength technology. 

At the same time the LED forum was held in the general meeting, discuss future LED development, heated discussion LED technology innovation. With the continuous breakthroughs in domestic material and equipment, LED domestic equipment、packaging and application to occupy brand share, this is industry’s core and high-value industries, development of LED industry plays importance. 

Meeting site

LTECH always focus on the quality of equipment since it was set up. Our R & D and production capacity gain full recognition in the market, and have the ability to expand global market. In the future, LTECH will continue to keep on forward and innovation, devoting to LED industry.

(LTECH won the "Excellence Award"of the fourth China’s LED Prize)