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Memorable Moment | Congratulations to LTECH Thailand formally established!

Oct 24, 2019

LTECH Thailand was formally established on 18th Oct. 2019. Mr. Lei Jianqiang, the founder of LTECH, went to Thailand for congratulations. Let’s review the scenes at that moment ~

Let’s review the scenes at that moment ~

Attention please

Left:Founder of LTECH Mr. Lei Jainqiang
Middle:Principal of LTECH Thailand Nopphon Siripharadorn
Right:Principal of LTECH Thailand Chiraroj Angsumalee

LTECH has always insisted on organizing free public courses from time to time since 2018. In addition to attending the inauguration ceremony of LTECH Thailand, we also assisted LTECH Thailand organizing an industrial seminar, to bring industrial knowledge sharing and technical training, also creating a chance for industrial communications.

Participants came to the seminar on time from all over Thailand

The Principal of LTECH Thailand was making company introduction

Full seated

Participants were listening carefully

Engineers from different countries were discussing LTECH products

Video for review

Here comes the most exciting moment! After seminar, LTECH Thailand hold a big party to celebrate the company establishment. Let’s share the happy moments now~

Thailand style Venue

The most popular “visiting site” at LTECH booth during Guangzhou Lighting fair reappeared

Which one will be your photo prop

Cheers for the formal establishment of LTECH Thailand

Surprise! Popular Thailand singer Bell Supol show time

Exciting moment of winning lottery

Honored guests at party tonight

A gift for every participant (I want one too)

Last but not least, may our best wish to LTECH Thailland company. We will continue to work hard together to promote Thai market, insist on technology innovation and bring more perfect products to the market and all LTECH customers. We devote to making healthy and comfortable light environment become the norm, and contributing to the friendship between China and Thailand~