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Honer | LTECH won the "Top 10 Smart Lighting Brand Award of 2018"

Dec 22, 2018

The 19th China International Building Intelligence Summit was held in Guangzhou, On December 6, 2018.In the evening, the 2018 “China Intelligent Building Brand Award” awarding ceremony, which was hailed as the “Oscar” of the building intelligent industry, was held in Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel. LTECH was invited to attend and participated in many events with many industry experts and lighting industry professionals.

The China Intelligent Building Brand Award was selected and awarded by thousands of brand laboratories. It has won high attention and recognition from industry users with its objective, open and authoritative professionalism. LTECH Technology (stock code: 832110) is expected to win the 20th annual intelligence of 2018 Lighting Brand Award.

LTECH won the "Top 10 Smart Lighting Brand Award of 2018"

This award comes from a number of data such as brand index and brand acclaim, once again confirming influence of LTECH brand and its position in the hearts of consumers.

Since its inception, LTECH has been promoting the technological upgrading and transformation of the entire industry by adhering to excellent technical and innovative capabilities. 2018 was passed, and facing new opportunities and challenges in 2019, LTECH will not forget the original heart, adhere to the "quality first, integrity-based", continue to overcome technical difficulties, pursue the ultimate product experience, and create an excellent intelligent lighting brand in the industry. .