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Activity | Horizon broadening & Technology innovation - LTECH Technology 2-days tour with joy

Sep 27, 2017

In the golden autumn season,We had a delightful trip during 23th-24th,Sep.

Our tourist destination,which is located in Qingyuan,.Gulong Gorge is the national AAAA level tourist attraction. It’s well known as China's largest drift gap, with the most exciting drift experience.As saying "drift of the top, the king of the gap." In addition to drifting, we also have the cowfish mouth glass bridge + slide, the Yao nationality bonfire party, cooking, crystal bomb field war etc wonderful programs, the following is our "show time".

In the cool wind of autumn,we are with laughter all the way till we came to Qingyuan Gulong gorge, we put on life jackets and then picked up the water gun to start the play.

After some battle, we came to the rooster mouth glass bridge and slide, to experience the feeling ‘only when you stand on the top of the highest mountain,you can see others are small’ . From the mountains down, we also continued to visit a number of attractions, we were enjoyable and never tired. When night falls unconsciously, the Yao nationality bonfire party which we had long expected, began slightly, we drank the Yao Wine with the Yao ‘brother A gui’ and ‘Sister Shayao’ ,we dance hand in hand , watched the superb show and participation in the funny game, with laughter we end the first day of the trip.

The next day, we woke up after a nice sleep, ushering in the most physically demanding crystal bomb field war, shuttle in the forest,experience a variety of exciting physical training and outreach activities.

The following tested activity - cooking. Distributed the fresh ingredients by the organizer, we were divided into different teams for cooking delicious dishes.

"Fire is a high-tech content of live",each team study how to make a fire in the smoke filled.

Who can cook are the coolest, and the skilled ‘cutler’ amazed us. The girl with the big knife is also make us pleasing to our eyes.

It’s likely a talent show for cooking, the culinary expertise amazes us a lot.

You make fire and I wash vegetables,cooking in hot weather with wet clothes.Under the united efforts, and soon to finish the cook of a good table of food, we all eat with relish.

Next, to many sister crazy time, buddy Rett dressed in a valiant and heroic in bearing camouflage, in the real battlefield display skills to the full gallop; on the race track, how a "cool" word.

Happy time flies ! We are away from the hustle and bustle of the city, harvest the beauty of nature, delicious food, teamwork friendship and unforgettable memories.In order to broaden their horizon in the future work with more motivated. LTECH pays attention to the growth of every employee. We are family!