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Walkthrough | Fire drill, LTECH was in action

Dec 23, 2017

Recently, LTECH, in order to improve the whole staff’s security knowledge; practice the staff to be calm enough in case of fire and evacuate orderly, promptly in accordance with the safety fire escape route;improve self-protection and response capabilities to emergency, launched a special fire safety exercise in the later half of 2017.

With the fire bell rang, all employees quickly picked up the wet towel, covered their nose and mouth, bent down and went downstairs orderly to the safe area. The head of the department carefully counted noses and reported to the commander to ensure the safety of all staff.

Then the company's Fire Safety Officer explained the fire knowledge, demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers and took emergency measures to the wounded, which strengthened the staff’s awareness at fire fighting and improved their resilience to emergency.

Our staff also actively took part in this activity, learning how to use fire extinguishers, artificial emergency and other emergency operations,converted fire knowledge from "cognition" to "understanding" through this practice.

As the famous educator Montessori said : "What I heard may forget,what I saw would remember, but only practice would make me really understand." Through this fire drill, all employees of LTECH raised their security vigilance, enhanced their fire prevention awareness and mastered the skills of fire prevention and self-help. In the future, LTECH would continue to infiltrate the emergency safety education into daily work, and always strive to create safe working environment for employees. LTECH, care for every employee.