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LTECH has identified as Zhuhai Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises

Aug 23, 2016

Recently,LTECH has identified as Zhuhai Intellectual Property Advantaged Enterprises by the assessment and identification of Zhuhai Intellectual Property Office.

For a long time, Ltech insist technological innovation as enterprise core competitiveness,possess the capability of independent intellectual property rights,and actively carry out intellectual property protection and utilization, establish the intellectual property management system and mechanism.LTECH was awarded Zhuhai Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises,fully reflects the company's capability on intellectual property and protection ability and level,shows the advantage of LTECH leading technology level in the industry. LTECH will take it as incentives, continue to increase investment in research and development, strengthen the ability of independent research and independent innovation,further improve enterprise core competitiveness and international competitiveness,usd the leading advantage which is beyond industry technology to built a leading brand of intelligent lighting solution.