dali controller

DMX-SPI signal decoder is to convert the DMX512 digital signal into SPI(TTL) digital signal. It can work on the DMX console to control the LED lights with compatible driving ICs. DMX console can control every channel of the LED Lights, realizing 0-100% dimming and various changing effect.

Our DMX decoder can control LED lights based on following driving ICs: MBI6120, LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, TLS3001, TLS3002, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2812, P9813 IC etc.

The grey scales of DMX decoder depends on the driving IC, the above driving ICs are with a built-in grey scale processor and occupy 70-80% of LED digital lighting market, use our DMX-SPI decoder can simply turn normal LED digital light to DMX512 LED light with international standard communication protocol, which is easy to promote in the international market.

DMX-SPI decoders are widely used in the LED string light, LED dot light, SMD flexible strip, LED digital tube, wall light, pixel screen, high power spot light, wall washer and kinds of LED digital lights .

DMX-SPI signal type
  • LED Digital Controller LT-200
    Working Voltage DC12V (with an adapter)
    Power consumption <2W
    Output signal SPI(TTL)
    3rd part port DMX512
    Change mode 540 modes
    Control Qty 1024 pixels
    Input/Output terminal XLR-3 RJ45 Green terminal combination the terminal of signal and power
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L163×W125×H40mm
    Package Size L269×W129×H46mm
    Weight (G.W) 760g
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