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Lighting Academy | Learning is endless, exciting public class in Shanghai!

Jun 14, 2018

Following the successful class hosting in Shenzhen, the second phase free public lecture of Ltech Intelligent Lighting Institute was held on June 2nd at Lai Lai Hotel in Shanghai. Compared with the Shenzhen Station in the first phase, the studious students are still enthusiastic at attending, listening and communicating. Now let's review the class!

Lively moment review

As the second station, Shanghai Station is more handy at preparations. The check-in area, display area, and conference room are carefully arranged to give the students a better sense of experience. Upon completion of the attendance, participants can personally experience the delicate dimming change of Ltech drivers in the exhibition area. Besides, Ltech carefully prepared a book for students to write down the key points for learning the new, so that it can truly precipitate knowledge.

(On the scene, the students were full of energy, and there was no empty seat )

This time, Dr. Zhang talked about the common dimming problems and LED dimming solutions, so that students could have a more comprehensive understanding of dimming. He also demonstrated the effect of lighting control and dimming. It can help students have a full understanding.

(Dr. Zhang explained to students the principles, operated and demonstrated. Minimum power of  Triac dimming reaches 1W)

 (Dr. Zhang and the students communicated in detail)

This time came a guest, Miss. Wu Hong— Secretary-General of the Lighting Functional Materials Branch of China Rare Earth Association. Teacher Wu arrived at the hotel on time. She listened carefully on the scene for more than three hours. Live and learn. Such learning attitude is worthy of study of young people.

(Professor Wu Hong is listening carefully)

In class, students still listened to the lectures attentively and actively exchanged ideas with Dr. Zhang. Finally, To review knowledge quickly, Dr. Zhang asked some questions, students can quickly and accurately give answer and obtain our prepared gifts. Which is really impress to us that the students’ learning ability is very strong.

(Students are listening, recording and answering questions attentively)

The reason why the lighting team can grow more and more stronger is because everyone has a good attitude to learning and enriching themselves. In the future, LTECH Intelligent Lighting Academy will insist to imparting more lighting knowledge to train more lighting talents! What a pity to miss the two courses in shenzhen and Shanghai ? Next, there will be follow-up training in the three regions of South China, North China and Southwest China, and related training will be conducted with the cooperative lighting companies.Those who want to listen to lecture,don’t forget to keep abreast of our latest news!