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Lighting Academy | The wonderful review at the first Zhongshang station in 2019

Mar 22, 2019

Time flies like an arrow, now it is the end of March in 2019!

We could not hold it to miss everyone!

Ltech illumination college meet everybody again.

As always, there are many familiar old faces.

Different from usual, there are more fresh new friends of seeking knowledge.

And the most important thing is that every encounter makes us feel at heart.

The familiar handsome doctor Zhang Zhe Gang.

Keep updating the good industrial knowledge and experience

However, when I reviewed the screening photos , I found that

It turns out that the most shining thing in this meeting is every serious one.

Maybe the way you take notes is different,

but the serious appearance of concentration is exactly the same.

That is great to see this wonderful scene.

Of course, the closed friends who spoke enthusiastically also got our little gifts.

Thanks to every student for their love and support.

No one left until the end of the class.

The actual lighting experience zone for controlling after the class.

Looking forward to meeting you next time.